Snow Intensifies in Early March Storm

Snow has been falling for several hours in what may turn out to be 2019’s first significant nor’easter. Upwards of half a foot of snow is now expected throughout the entire New York City Metropolitan Area. Winter Storm Warnings are in effect.

Radar 03032019
National Weather Service radar image from about 9pm Eastern Time March 3, 2019. This image does not distinguish between liquid and frozen precipitation.
Snow Accumulation 19 - 3 3
Weather 360’s final snow total forecast for this early March winter storm. The National Weather Service has issued Winter Storm Warnings calling for 4 to 8 inches of snow for many locations, especially those north of the city.

Over the past 24 hours, several computer models, such as the NAM3km and HDRPS (both detailed and accurate computer models) have zeroed in on this storm lasting from Sunday afternoon through Monday around 6 or 7 am ET. Both computer models have pointed to snow totals averaging about 5 to 9 inches in Manhattan, Long Island, New Jersey, the Lower Hudson Valley, and southern Connecticut.

4 dangerous
Weather 360 is forecasting roadways of all types, especially secondary and tertiary roadways, to become dangerous tonight into early tomorrow morning. Please exercise extreme caution while driving during the duration of this event.

While snow has been falling for some time now, roadways are only now beginning to become covered and particularly hazardous in some places. Other than up to several inches of snow on roadways by tomorrow morning, it is possible that because of warmer temperatures earlier Sunday, there may be small layers of ice beneath the snow. Although temperatures will warm to above freezing on Monday, rapid refreezing Monday afternoon may create black ice on roadways.

Stay safe!

Wintry Mess to Impact the Area Overnight

Locations across the NYC Metro Area are now under Winter Weather Advisories as snow and other wintry precipitation continues to envelop the area.  Tonight, temperatures will continue to rise, and the wintry precipitation now will slowly transition to sleet and freezing rain, before tapering off as some rain showers across the area very early tomorrow morning.  Currently, areas still receiving snow will likely have accumulated 1-3 inches of snow by now, making it somewhat difficult to get around.  Ground temperatures are still below that of the air, meaning that areas receiving snow or other wintry precipitation will likely continue to see more accumulation.  Tomorrow’s commute will be messy in the early morning  until more rain moves in around 9 AM to wash some of the slush and snow on the roads away.

A Winter Weather Advisory is issued when the National Weather Service decides there will be hazardous weather in a certain area that will include some sort of wintry precipitation.

Most Winter Weather Advisories across the area are set to expire tomorrow around 7 AM.

The Latest: Snow on the ground for April First? Or just another cruel April Fools joke?

Are you kidding me?

Though winter was over?  Once again, you may have thought wrong…

The Latest:  Snow in the Northeast, (sigh…)

APRIL FOOLS!  Just kidding the snow falling is actually real…

If it is not already, rain will transition to snow and start to accumulate in areas north of NYC soon.  In areas already seeing this transition there is up to almost an inch of snow, covering most grassy surfaces with yet another fresh round of snow.  Check out our new ‘School Closure Index’ page to see the general odds of school closings, delayed schedules, and early dismissals across the areas affected by the storm.

The Latest:  We have mentioned again and again that the warm temperatures are coming, so when exactly will they come here to stay?

Soon most hope, but there is again the potential for a few more cold spells in the Northeast before winter’s last breath will be exhausted.  The truth is that warmer temperatures will become more normal and average over the next week, but again, there is the potential for some more, not as cold, but cold, spells dipping into the Northeast.  Be aware of the possibility of some localized areas of black ice tomorrow and the next day due to melting and refreezing.

Stay safe, and stay warm during the snow.

Snow is falling now, warm up tomorrow could spell for black ice and flooding

Right now, if you live in the Northeast it may seem as if there is a pre-taped video from February rolling outside on your windows now, but we can assure you that is not the case.  The snow we are taking about that is falling across New England and the Mid Atlantic could leave the areas talked about with several more inches of fresh snow and the threat of black ice tomorrow along with some flooding.  Please be aware of the possibility of black ice and flooding even today, but expectantly over the next few days.

We will update you soon and stay safe!

The Latest: Spring snow could cause travel hazards tomorrow, but then…

Tomorrow some spring snow showers are expected to move through northern portions of the Northeast United States.  This could create some slippery roadways across areas affected by the snow and wintry mix.

The Latest:  Next several day temperature forecast

Over the next several days warmer and more mild temperatures will briefly invade the Mid Atlantic and New England, before cooler temperatures take over once more.  This may mean that any crops that were supposed to be planted in early April may have to have their planting dates delayed (anyways, most small gardens in New England still are covered with snow.)  Be prepared for some temperature fluctuations over the next several days, bringing with it the possibility of late night and morning snow or wintry mix.

The Latest:  When will all the snow melt!

As the snow line continues to recede across the Northeast and all of the United States, temperatures continue to rise steadily (well, at least for the most part…)

The question is though, how long until the Northeast for the most part is free of snow?

At the moment, most of the Mid Atlantic is snow free, but just north of New York City, according the National Snow Analyses, the snow depth is very close to zero, steadily rising as you look further north.  Again, back to the question, how long until it all melts?  In southern parts of New England, the snow should be mostly if not totally gone by the end of the week after next (not the snow in piles.)  In the rest of New England, most of the snow will likely be gone completely sometime later in April or in very early May.  Be aware of the potential for some black ice on roadways, and stay safe!

Snow and rain heading for the Northeast today into Friday

For the next few days across the Northeast there will be rainy and overcast conditions, but in the mountains in New Hampshire, Vermont, and most of northern Maine, there is the potential for several inches of snow.

The timing of this event:  Around NYC and Boston, the rain will begin later today as showers and possibly have a break sometime tomorrow before starting up again tomorrow night into Friday morning.

What about the snow?:  In areas closer to the Canadian border, such as the mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont, there is a potential for cold enough air to mix in with the precipitation and cause a snow event.  This storm is not expected to be anything huge, but if you happen to be in an area expected to see snow, exercise extra caution while outdoors especially on road, and as always, stay safe!

April showers for the Northeast likely

April showers bring May flowers.  This is a good thing, as long as you don’t have allergies…

Well, this April there may be more than just rain showers, even already some long-range computer models such as the GFS model are suggesting that this spring, for the Northeast, there may be a myriad of April showers, not necessarily only rain, ready to swing into the Mid Atlantic and New England.  Still be aware of the potential for some more rain and maybe some snow showers in the Northeast in April as well.  Stay safe!

The first day of second winter?

Tomorrow may be the first day of spring, but it sure won’t feel much like it in the Northeast.  Tomorrow a snow event will impact the majority of the southern portions of the Northeast, bringing with it several inches of snow across a large swath of the Northeast.  The timing of this storm will be perfect for snarling the morning and evening rush hour with bands of moderate to heavy snow.  It may seem to some in the Northeast that instead of tomorrow being the first day of spring, it may be more like the first day of a second winter (although the cold will only last for a little longer.)

Last snow storm of the season for the Northeast?

Weather 360 would like to apologize for not posting a post to unveil the new section of Weather 360, that post will be posted later today.

Today is March 19th 2015, normally, Weather 360 wouldn’t have to talk about this, but this winter isn’t very normal. With this in mind, it is not hard to guess what this may mean.  What it does mean is that tomorrow the majority of southern New England and most of the Mid Atlantic will be impacted by a snow event possibly dumping up to six inches in some localized areas.

The timing of the storm

In areas further to the west the precipitation will likely start while morning rush hour is winding up, and will end around midnight Saturday morning.

For locations further to the east the precipitation (mainly snow) will start before the evening rush hour begins and will start to taper off a couple of hours after midnight.

Any accumulations?

As previously mentioned, snow accumulations may be a couple of inches with some locally higher amounts where the heaviest snow falls and where it is cold enough to stay all snow (mainly all locations further north than Trenton and mostly to the east.)  So be prepared for snow accumulation, heed all watches, warnings, and advisories set out by the National Weather Service, and most of all, stay safe!

Snow is on it’s way! To the Northeast…

It can be interesting when the slightest change in temperatures and track of a storm system can completely alter the forecast for a given area.  That is what parts of New England are experiencing today.  The NAM computer model along with others are now showing two smaller and weaker storm systems combining in the Ohio Valley to bring a mixed precipitation there, but as it heads northeast, it will meet some cold air which could bring up to several inches of snow (not ice, rain, or sleet, such as most late-winter systems) to parts of southern New England.  In and around NYC to the north, the snow should start around noon and end just after midnight, but in NYC itself, the snow will mix in with rain and sleet to possibly create icy and hazardous conditions on the road ways.  For those in winter weary Boston, there isn’t as high of a chance of the storm impacting that area, so it seems to be as if Boston is mainly in the clear of experiencing another major winter storm for a while.  Weather 360 will provide more updates on the track and intensity of this storm as it approaches the Northeast.

Stay safe!