Snow is falling now, warm up tomorrow could spell for black ice and flooding

Right now, if you live in the Northeast it may seem as if there is a pre-taped video from February rolling outside on your windows now, but we can assure you that is not the case.  The snow we are taking about that is falling across New England and the Mid Atlantic could leave the areas talked about with several more inches of fresh snow and the threat of black ice tomorrow along with some flooding.  Please be aware of the possibility of black ice and flooding even today, but expectantly over the next few days.

We will update you soon and stay safe!


If you haven’t heard already, a Delta plane did skid off runway 13 at Laguardia Airport closing down the airport until 7 PM EST. There are no serious injuries reported.  At the time of the accident there was moderate snow falling at Laguardia with a few inches reported at the time as well.  Please listen to your news channel for more information on flight cancellations and other information on the incident.

For those driving in wintry weather, stay safe!