About Us

Welcome to Weather 360, where providing accurate weather forecasts is paramount.

New York City

Over the past 2 years, Weather 360 has moved towards a forecasting system that is independent and self-run. This site is primarily focused on offering clear and concise forecasts for the New York City Metropolitan Area, an area encompassing significant portions of 3 states with over 20 million people.  On this site, we display information as well as forecasts pertaining to upcoming significant storms in the Metro Area year round, as well as forecasts in relation to the development of Tropical Cyclones in the Atlantic. Our newly formed adaptive forecasting system is based on data observed, collected, and analyzed in the New York City Metro Area. One of the main reasons this site went online was to go behind the scenes in our weather forecasting to help the viewer better understand what exactly causes and how we predict certain types of weather, and as of this June, Weather 360 began uploading information to our Facebook page to aid in our communication and outreach effort. We strive to make our forecasts local and accurate enough to rely on, but as an independent entity, it is advisable that all official and decision making information be taken from The National Weather Service at weather.gov. Weather 360 has served and hopes to continue to serve the public for as long as possible to help spread the word about current and future storms.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you find our information useful.

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