First Snowfall in and around New York City!

The unofficial start winter was today across many locations north and west of NYC.  Although no measurable snowfall was recorded, locations from in and around Poughkeepsie to as far south as Salem, Peekskill, and even some locations in western Connecticut, experienced flurries and light snow showers a good one to two months ahead of time.

Why the snow?

Although temperatures in and around the NYC Metro Area were generally higher than freezing at the time of the snow, the temperature in the atmosphere was a bit cooler than freezing, which allowed fast-falling snow to reach the ground before it melted in-air.

Due to the above freezing temperatures of the ground though, many of these snowflakes melted within 30 seconds of contact with the ground.

(The official start of Meteorological Winter is December 1st, and the start of the season Winter is generally considered December 21st.)

Winter 2015-2016 Snow Total Forecasts!

The following pertains to the New York City Metropolitan Area from Nov. 1 – April 1 2016

Winter 2015-2016 Snow Total Forecasts:

The following Weather360 forecast was made by a process in the making for nearly a year.

The New York City Metro Area is likely to receive about 20 more inches of snow than normal. This in part is due to the current El Nino bringing more precipitation to the area, along with current computer model trends that suggest average temperatures in this area will also likely be most prevalent.  Other factors such as Global Emissions and average precipitation and temperature amounts have been taken into account.

For more specific locations expected snow total amounts, visit our Climate360 page.

The Latest: Precipitation ending in Maine, otherwise, nice and dry in the Northeast until later tomorrow

As mentioned time and time again on the last few of our posts, there is rain coming for the Northeast, and a lot of it, all next week.  For now though, there is only the wrapping up snow and rain in Maine moving into Canada to worry aboot.

The Latest:  Dry conditions for most of the Northeast for at least early on tomorrow…

The rain coming for the Northeast is now expected to arrive just a little earlier,(tomorrow), this means that anyone with outdoor activities planned tomorrow may have to alter them accordingly with the threat of some stray showers coming in.  Be careful, there is the potential for some stray thunderstorms mainly in the Mid Atlantic region as well.

The Latest:  Snow in Maine, didn’t spring already free the Northeast from winter?

Yes and no…

First off, everyone knows Maine is further north than locations such as New Jersey or Long Island, good.  This means that it will always be a little cooler in Maine than NYC on a normal spring day.   Since they are a bit cooler off than other locations in the Northeast, conditions in early April are still favorable for the eight inches or more of snow they have already received.  That is why those in Maine are shoveling away snow, while those in parts of New Jersey can already be shoveling away dirt to make room for a garden.

So if your freezing away in Caribou, Maine, or if your seeding a garden in New Jersey, stay safe and enjoy the milder temperatures, well, at least for southern parts of the Northeast (sorry Maine, not for you yet…),

Stay safe!

Dry conditions for everywhere but Maine in the Northeast for now…

Before we get started, please take a few seconds to answer this poll.  We need your feedback!

If you visit our ‘Major Storm’ page, you will scroll down and see the radar only showing a lot of precipitation in Maine currently.  Our point is not that this is false, which it isn’t, but that these conditions wont be around for much longer.

The storm system moving through Maine was the same one from yesterday that dumped a lot of rain along the New England and Mid Atlantic.  The storm is mainly bringing snow and mixed precipitation to Maine now, along with some more snow in parts of Canada.

Back to our point

Our point is that there is the very large potential for a large and long rain event next week, so if you enjoy the outdoors while they are not filled with rain, go out now and enjoy them now, because those are the conditions that will be dominating the Northeast next week.

Stay safe!

The Latest: Snow on the ground for April First? Or just another cruel April Fools joke?

Are you kidding me?

Though winter was over?  Once again, you may have thought wrong…

The Latest:  Snow in the Northeast, (sigh…)

APRIL FOOLS!  Just kidding the snow falling is actually real…

If it is not already, rain will transition to snow and start to accumulate in areas north of NYC soon.  In areas already seeing this transition there is up to almost an inch of snow, covering most grassy surfaces with yet another fresh round of snow.  Check out our new ‘School Closure Index’ page to see the general odds of school closings, delayed schedules, and early dismissals across the areas affected by the storm.

The Latest:  We have mentioned again and again that the warm temperatures are coming, so when exactly will they come here to stay?

Soon most hope, but there is again the potential for a few more cold spells in the Northeast before winter’s last breath will be exhausted.  The truth is that warmer temperatures will become more normal and average over the next week, but again, there is the potential for some more, not as cold, but cold, spells dipping into the Northeast.  Be aware of the possibility of some localized areas of black ice tomorrow and the next day due to melting and refreezing.

Stay safe, and stay warm during the snow.

Snow is falling now, warm up tomorrow could spell for black ice and flooding

Right now, if you live in the Northeast it may seem as if there is a pre-taped video from February rolling outside on your windows now, but we can assure you that is not the case.  The snow we are taking about that is falling across New England and the Mid Atlantic could leave the areas talked about with several more inches of fresh snow and the threat of black ice tomorrow along with some flooding.  Please be aware of the possibility of black ice and flooding even today, but expectantly over the next few days.

We will update you soon and stay safe!

WATCH OUT! Snow is coming just in time for the evening commute today across the Northeast

Watch out!  The Northeast, unexpectedly, is about to experience possibly up to several more inches of snow from New York City to Boston starting around 4 PM in NYC, and an hour or two later in Boston.  This storm may hassle the evening commute with up to seven inches of snow in come localized areas.  Please exercise extra caution while driving in the snow today.  There could be some bands of moderate to heavy snow today into tonight in some areas so please heed all watches, warnings, and advisories.  This is a reminder that just maybe winter is not over yet!

Stay safe!

Update on snow in the Northeast and earthquake/tsunami in Pacific

As several light to moderate bands of snow move through the Northeast, new observations from Papua New Guinea are starting to come in.  Overnight, there were two more earthquakes in the area, causing a tsunami statement to be released (both earthquakes were around 6.5.)

The earthquake created a small tsunami measures around one meter (3 feet) according to one report in Papua New Guinea, there was no other observations of a tsunami.  More after shocks are expected throughout the Southwestern Pacific.

The snow in the Northeast has brought around a fresh new inch across some areas, but otherwise, not much more in way of accumulations today in the Northeast because soon in inmost places the temperatures will warm to above freezing.

Stay safe!

The Latest: Spring snow could cause travel hazards tomorrow, but then…

Tomorrow some spring snow showers are expected to move through northern portions of the Northeast United States.  This could create some slippery roadways across areas affected by the snow and wintry mix.

The Latest:  Next several day temperature forecast

Over the next several days warmer and more mild temperatures will briefly invade the Mid Atlantic and New England, before cooler temperatures take over once more.  This may mean that any crops that were supposed to be planted in early April may have to have their planting dates delayed (anyways, most small gardens in New England still are covered with snow.)  Be prepared for some temperature fluctuations over the next several days, bringing with it the possibility of late night and morning snow or wintry mix.

The Latest:  When will all the snow melt!

As the snow line continues to recede across the Northeast and all of the United States, temperatures continue to rise steadily (well, at least for the most part…)

The question is though, how long until the Northeast for the most part is free of snow?

At the moment, most of the Mid Atlantic is snow free, but just north of New York City, according the National Snow Analyses, the snow depth is very close to zero, steadily rising as you look further north.  Again, back to the question, how long until it all melts?  In southern parts of New England, the snow should be mostly if not totally gone by the end of the week after next (not the snow in piles.)  In the rest of New England, most of the snow will likely be gone completely sometime later in April or in very early May.  Be aware of the potential for some black ice on roadways, and stay safe!

For the Mid Atlantic and southern parts of New England, was yesterday the last snow?

It seems as if for southern portions of the Northeast that yesterday’s snow was the last snow of the season.  This may be true, but there is still the possibility for some more wintry mix and rain events this spring for northern parts of the Northeast.  As spring and more mild temperatures slowly ooze their way back into the Northeast, the Arctic Jet Stream is ready to make it’s last moves on the northern Northeast.

Over the next several days and couple of weeks would be the most likely time for a snow event to impact the northern Northeast.  With temperatures warming, the window for snow in the Northern United States is closing up.  Be prepared for warmer temperatures with the possibility of some cold infiltration over the next couple of weeks.

Above all, stay safe!