Rain and thunder moving in over the weekend could pose a threat to millions


The next few days across the Tri-State Area will be for the most part, calm.  With temperatures in the mid to upper 80’s and little to no clouds in the sky, the next few days will feel like true Summer, unlike the temperatures from several days ago that made everyone feel like it was May again.  Although temperatures will be roughly the same during the start of next week, the potential for rain and thunderstorms will start to appear starting around early or midday Sunday.  Therefore, over the next 24 hours, Weather 360 will initiate its first issue of the 3.A.S. (3-Leveled Alert System.)  In this case, an Increasing Level III Alert will be issued as of tomorrow morning.  This means not only to be alert and aware that potentially threatening weather may move into our area over the next 36 hours or so, but also means that the threat level will likely increase to either Level II, or potentially a Level I, Most Urgent Alert.  If this alert was only a normal Level III Alert, then the threat level would likely not increase and one would only have to remain aware of the incoming weather conditions.

Plans for the Fourth? You may have to adjust accordingly…

The Fourth of July has been mainly fallen on a mostly dry and hot day over the past several years in New York, but this year this Independence Day has the chance to be soaked with rain.

Here’s the Weather 360 general forecast for locations in and around the city

July 4, 2015

Morning- Some showers will start to move in on and off with temperatures around the low 70’s.

Midday-  More showers begin to move in, the rain becomes steadier around 1 or 2 in the afternoon, temperatures will move towards its peak around the mid to upper 70’s.

Night- Rain will start to move out of the area towards the later evening hours, leaving some showers, temperatures will hover and then drop from the 70’s to the mid to upper 60’s

So tomorrow doesn’t look great for launching fireworks, but depending on exact timing of showers some areas in and around New York may still be able to celebrate the United States’ 239th anniversary with fireworks.

Enjoy the holiday!

Brace for more rain tomorrow in and around NYC

Tonight, as more rain moves into our area, the set up for rain tomorrow is becoming increasingly likely.

Tomorrow, not only will heavy rains soak the NYC area, again, but there is the possibility for some severe thunderstorms as well.  Some of these thunderstorms may contain especially heavy rains and gusty winds, along with the possibility for some more small hail. The rains will last the majority of the day tonight and will likely impact both the morning and afternoon rush hours.

We’ll keep you posted

Rainy and slippery morning commute for many this morning

For those about to be outdoors and driving, it my be a fairly good idea to bring along with you an umbrella if you already have not noticed…

The first large band of rain has already swept through the NYC Metro Area and will continue to move northeastward, whereas another, even larger band of heavy rain and thunderstorms is moving northeastward as well, straight towards the NYC Metro Area.  Be on the lookout for the some thunderstorms, one or two of which may be severe, and also be careful while driving through heavy rain on roadways.  Rain events such as this one are common throughout the spring season, but that doesn’t mean to neglect safety, so stay safe!

Have outdoor plans? It may be best to do them before the end of this upcoming weekend…

No, it is not what you are probably thinking, this time around the big threat will not be cool temperatures, but this time the only threat to outdoor plans is the rain that may come this weekend.

Although the weekend is still a few days away, the likelihood of there being a rain event across the Northeast has been steadily increasing as the GFS computer model and the European computer model (ECMWF) have both been suggesting that there may be a low pressure system that may sweep across the Northeast United States sometime later this weekend or very early next week.

Will there be a severe front to this storm system?

Yes, at the moment it does appear to look as if there may be a severe side to this system.  Right now, the severe side looks mainly to be in southern and western portions of the Northeast (this could very easily change.)

Although there is the possibility of a severe side to this storm, in most of the Northeast, it appears at the moment to likely only to be rain and some thunder.

Be on the lookout for any short term forecasts or hazardous weather outlooks by the NOAA to see if your specific area may be at risk.

Stay safe!

The Latest: The warm temperature retreat

The Northeast has seen quite a wild early spring in terms of temperatures so far.  From snow on the first day of spring, to temperatures in the 60’s just yesterday, the temperatures in the Northeast seem to not have made up their mind yet on when exactly they want to transition into the more spring-like temperatures they should be right around now.

On this post of the Latest, Weather 360 would also like to say that we will now, go back to our original statement of how every edition of ‘The Latest’ will explain the differences among the computer models.

The Latest:  Why warm temperatures!  Why leave us now!

Well, it is not like the warm temperatures are gone forever, more as if they are just scared of their own shadow and wont come back out for another few days if you know what we mean.

The computer models, explain that.

For tomorrow, both the GFS and the European model suggest that most of Upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and nearly all of Maine will be trapped in cold, Canadian air.   Whereas they both agree that south of those areas, temperatures will still be cooler than average, but not necessarily so close to the freezing line.  On Wednesday though, the GFS model suggests that the winds will mainly be from the south in the areas affected by colder air tomorrow, which, although the cold temperatures will still be for the most part in the same place, the temperatures will be a bit cooler in locations slightly further to the south, but warming slightly throughout the day.  The European model suggests though for Wednesday that the winds will be from the north and east, which will mean that temperatures have a larger chance for staying the same or declining throughout the day on Wednesday.

Be on the lookout for some icy patches on roadways in locations where the snow may melt during the day and refreeze during the night!

What we didn’t mention though again is the rain over the next several days across the Northeast.  Just keep the fact that there may be some snow mixed in with the rain in northern New England in mind…

Until those icy temperatures arrive in parts of New England, enjoy the remaining heat, and stay safe!

No, not raining on your parade, it is a parade of rain… (and some snow…)

In a few hours, next week will begin, with the new week, will be a parade, not a normal parade, but more of a parade of rain events for the Northeast.

This week, mainly from Tuesday to Friday, there will be a few different storm systems very close in terms of time to each other that will dump a few inches of rain from Maine to Maryland.  Be aware of the potential for some severe storms, and some snow (WHY!) in locations such as upstate New York and Maine.  Some cold air will create some snow in only some areas in the locations mentioned.  Be on the lookout for slippery roads from the snow hit areas, even into areas only impacted by showers and thunderstorms due to the rain.  Stay safe!

Rain + warm temperatures = spring?

Is it true that spring equals warmer temperatures plus rain?

Most people do not enjoy acknowledging the fact that rain comes with the milder, temperatures, maybe because most people do not like being trapped inside by the mud, but that’s is just a suggestion…

Today though, for anyone wondering what the timing of the rain will be and what the temperatures will be, please read ahead.

Today temperatures in southern parts of New England and most of the Mid Atlantic will be around 60 degrees, while in northern portions of New England and New York will likely stay closer to 40 or 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

The timing of the rain

By the afternoon in the Mid Atlantic, some showers will start to move in,  but not intensify until overnight.  For places in New England, especially in eastern parts, the rain will probably not start to mid-evening or night as some showers.  There is still the possibility for some stray thunderstorms later today so please, heed all warnings set out by the National Weather Service.

As about every post, stay safe!

The Latest: Precipitation ending in Maine, otherwise, nice and dry in the Northeast until later tomorrow

As mentioned time and time again on the last few of our posts, there is rain coming for the Northeast, and a lot of it, all next week.  For now though, there is only the wrapping up snow and rain in Maine moving into Canada to worry aboot.

The Latest:  Dry conditions for most of the Northeast for at least early on tomorrow…

The rain coming for the Northeast is now expected to arrive just a little earlier,(tomorrow), this means that anyone with outdoor activities planned tomorrow may have to alter them accordingly with the threat of some stray showers coming in.  Be careful, there is the potential for some stray thunderstorms mainly in the Mid Atlantic region as well.

The Latest:  Snow in Maine, didn’t spring already free the Northeast from winter?

Yes and no…

First off, everyone knows Maine is further north than locations such as New Jersey or Long Island, good.  This means that it will always be a little cooler in Maine than NYC on a normal spring day.   Since they are a bit cooler off than other locations in the Northeast, conditions in early April are still favorable for the eight inches or more of snow they have already received.  That is why those in Maine are shoveling away snow, while those in parts of New Jersey can already be shoveling away dirt to make room for a garden.

So if your freezing away in Caribou, Maine, or if your seeding a garden in New Jersey, stay safe and enjoy the milder temperatures, well, at least for southern parts of the Northeast (sorry Maine, not for you yet…),

Stay safe!

Dry conditions for everywhere but Maine in the Northeast for now…

Before we get started, please take a few seconds to answer this poll.  We need your feedback!

If you visit our ‘Major Storm’ page, you will scroll down and see the radar only showing a lot of precipitation in Maine currently.  Our point is not that this is false, which it isn’t, but that these conditions wont be around for much longer.

The storm system moving through Maine was the same one from yesterday that dumped a lot of rain along the New England and Mid Atlantic.  The storm is mainly bringing snow and mixed precipitation to Maine now, along with some more snow in parts of Canada.

Back to our point

Our point is that there is the very large potential for a large and long rain event next week, so if you enjoy the outdoors while they are not filled with rain, go out now and enjoy them now, because those are the conditions that will be dominating the Northeast next week.

Stay safe!