NYC Weather: Snow in April?

This is the Third Edition of the NYC Area Week Outlook by Weather360

Monday:  A wintry mix in the morning will transition to all rain by the afternoon.  Total snow accumulations of up to a couple of inches are possible in some (mainly northern and eastern)  portions of the area.  Highs will hover around in the low to mid 40’s.

Tuesday: Highs dropping into the low to mid 30’s will be associated with clearing skies, making it seem much more like January than April.

Wednesday: High temperatures will peak in the mid 40’s as skies become increasingly cloudy, due to an incoming low pressure system.

Thursday:  Rain associated with a low pressure system moving in from the west will bring in much more seasonable temperatures, with a high in the upper 50’s.   This rain could spell the end to winter for many Ski Resorts throughout the Northeast.

Friday: Cooler temperatures along with clearing skies will make for a somewhat more seasonable day.

The Weekend:  Highs in the 40’s along with mainly clear skies will make for a brisk, cool, early spring weekend.

In the event of an emergency weather situation, please consult the NWS at and/or your local Emergency Management Office.

Winter Storm May Bring Snow to The Northeast

The National Weather Service has issued Winter Storm Watches for portions of Eastern New England.  A potentially significant winter weather event is expected to impact the I-95 corridor from New Jersey to Maine starting at the end of the week.   As this is a late-season (or early depending on how you look at it, early-season) snow event, it will likely bring a heavier, wetter snow along with some mixed precipitation.

Starting Sunday afternoon, snow will start accumulating mostly on uncovered dirt surfaces, before quickly moving onto grassy and paved surfaces as the ground cools overtime.   Total accumulations will range from an inch or two, to nearly 10 inches in some spots, with more snow further to the east.

More on this event on our Winter Weather Center page

Is today really April 23rd? I didn’t notice because IT WAS SNOWING!

Its true! Snow was observed in parts of Connecticut and New York around noon today.  So the question is, is winter really over?

Well, today was more of an anomaly, where some cold air mixed in with some precipitation to make some snow and sleet.  There were no known accumulations, and temperatures will also be warmer tomorrow and this weekend.

Stay safe!

Summer temperatures are on their way!

Summer temperatures are on their way!  But much like the very early spring, it is only a tease…

According to the European and the GFS computer models, in about a week and a half to two weeks there will be a sudden lift in the Arctic Jet Stream (the one that brings down all the cold Canadian air) and warm temperatures will flood even locations in Maine.  In southern parts of New England and the Mid Atlantic temperatures could soar past the 70 degree line.  Again though, just like earlier this season, the cooler temperatures will take back the Northeast and bring more March-like temperatures back.

Until then, be aware o the possibility of some thunderstorms today through Friday, and above all, stay safe!

The Latest: The warm temperature retreat

The Northeast has seen quite a wild early spring in terms of temperatures so far.  From snow on the first day of spring, to temperatures in the 60’s just yesterday, the temperatures in the Northeast seem to not have made up their mind yet on when exactly they want to transition into the more spring-like temperatures they should be right around now.

On this post of the Latest, Weather 360 would also like to say that we will now, go back to our original statement of how every edition of ‘The Latest’ will explain the differences among the computer models.

The Latest:  Why warm temperatures!  Why leave us now!

Well, it is not like the warm temperatures are gone forever, more as if they are just scared of their own shadow and wont come back out for another few days if you know what we mean.

The computer models, explain that.

For tomorrow, both the GFS and the European model suggest that most of Upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and nearly all of Maine will be trapped in cold, Canadian air.   Whereas they both agree that south of those areas, temperatures will still be cooler than average, but not necessarily so close to the freezing line.  On Wednesday though, the GFS model suggests that the winds will mainly be from the south in the areas affected by colder air tomorrow, which, although the cold temperatures will still be for the most part in the same place, the temperatures will be a bit cooler in locations slightly further to the south, but warming slightly throughout the day.  The European model suggests though for Wednesday that the winds will be from the north and east, which will mean that temperatures have a larger chance for staying the same or declining throughout the day on Wednesday.

Be on the lookout for some icy patches on roadways in locations where the snow may melt during the day and refreeze during the night!

What we didn’t mention though again is the rain over the next several days across the Northeast.  Just keep the fact that there may be some snow mixed in with the rain in northern New England in mind…

Until those icy temperatures arrive in parts of New England, enjoy the remaining heat, and stay safe!

Special: Weather 360’s analysis of the rest of spring outlook from the NOAA

The NOAA’s spring outlook discussion may seem a bit complicated, so in this post, Weather 360 will break down the main points of the discussion to tell you what spring 2015 will turn into for the Northeast.

Temperatures in the Northeast

The outlook basically says that slightly above to around average temperatures will be predominant in the Northeast.  The discussion along with other sources from the NOAA imply that the warmer to near average temperatures may enhance the risk, likely not by much, of there being more storms (some severe) in the Northeast later this season.


For the Northeast, the amount of precipitation this spring will be very close if not at average this spring.  Although temperatures will be close to average, flooding will be at an enhanced risk this season in northeastern parts of New England, where the snow pack is still melting.  Be aware this month of some flooding in northern locations in New England.

Stay safe, and enjoy the season while it lasts!

Rain + warm temperatures = spring?

Is it true that spring equals warmer temperatures plus rain?

Most people do not enjoy acknowledging the fact that rain comes with the milder, temperatures, maybe because most people do not like being trapped inside by the mud, but that’s is just a suggestion…

Today though, for anyone wondering what the timing of the rain will be and what the temperatures will be, please read ahead.

Today temperatures in southern parts of New England and most of the Mid Atlantic will be around 60 degrees, while in northern portions of New England and New York will likely stay closer to 40 or 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

The timing of the rain

By the afternoon in the Mid Atlantic, some showers will start to move in,  but not intensify until overnight.  For places in New England, especially in eastern parts, the rain will probably not start to mid-evening or night as some showers.  There is still the possibility for some stray thunderstorms later today so please, heed all warnings set out by the National Weather Service.

As about every post, stay safe!

Cooler temperatures now, warmer temperatures tomorrow

Today is April 1st 2015, the average highs today in the Northeast will be around 45, this is about ten degrees below average, but tomorrow, the temperatures will be virtually the same as the historical average in most locations in the Northeast.  The big deal though is this Friday, this Friday, is the first time in most locations in the NYC Metro Area and about everywhere north of there to see temperatures above average this spring.  Temperatures in NYC will be around 60 on Friday, whereas locations such as Philadelphia will have temperatures colder to the mid/upper 60’s.  Although warm temperatures are coming, yesterday was a reminder wintry weather can occur almost anytime in early spring.

Be aware of the possibility of some black ice, and stay safe!

The Latest: Snow on the ground for April First? Or just another cruel April Fools joke?

Are you kidding me?

Though winter was over?  Once again, you may have thought wrong…

The Latest:  Snow in the Northeast, (sigh…)

APRIL FOOLS!  Just kidding the snow falling is actually real…

If it is not already, rain will transition to snow and start to accumulate in areas north of NYC soon.  In areas already seeing this transition there is up to almost an inch of snow, covering most grassy surfaces with yet another fresh round of snow.  Check out our new ‘School Closure Index’ page to see the general odds of school closings, delayed schedules, and early dismissals across the areas affected by the storm.

The Latest:  We have mentioned again and again that the warm temperatures are coming, so when exactly will they come here to stay?

Soon most hope, but there is again the potential for a few more cold spells in the Northeast before winter’s last breath will be exhausted.  The truth is that warmer temperatures will become more normal and average over the next week, but again, there is the potential for some more, not as cold, but cold, spells dipping into the Northeast.  Be aware of the possibility of some localized areas of black ice tomorrow and the next day due to melting and refreezing.

Stay safe, and stay warm during the snow.

WATCH OUT! Snow is coming just in time for the evening commute today across the Northeast

Watch out!  The Northeast, unexpectedly, is about to experience possibly up to several more inches of snow from New York City to Boston starting around 4 PM in NYC, and an hour or two later in Boston.  This storm may hassle the evening commute with up to seven inches of snow in come localized areas.  Please exercise extra caution while driving in the snow today.  There could be some bands of moderate to heavy snow today into tonight in some areas so please heed all watches, warnings, and advisories.  This is a reminder that just maybe winter is not over yet!

Stay safe!