The Latest: Spring snow could cause travel hazards tomorrow, but then…

Tomorrow some spring snow showers are expected to move through northern portions of the Northeast United States.  This could create some slippery roadways across areas affected by the snow and wintry mix.

The Latest:  Next several day temperature forecast

Over the next several days warmer and more mild temperatures will briefly invade the Mid Atlantic and New England, before cooler temperatures take over once more.  This may mean that any crops that were supposed to be planted in early April may have to have their planting dates delayed (anyways, most small gardens in New England still are covered with snow.)  Be prepared for some temperature fluctuations over the next several days, bringing with it the possibility of late night and morning snow or wintry mix.

The Latest:  When will all the snow melt!

As the snow line continues to recede across the Northeast and all of the United States, temperatures continue to rise steadily (well, at least for the most part…)

The question is though, how long until the Northeast for the most part is free of snow?

At the moment, most of the Mid Atlantic is snow free, but just north of New York City, according the National Snow Analyses, the snow depth is very close to zero, steadily rising as you look further north.  Again, back to the question, how long until it all melts?  In southern parts of New England, the snow should be mostly if not totally gone by the end of the week after next (not the snow in piles.)  In the rest of New England, most of the snow will likely be gone completely sometime later in April or in very early May.  Be aware of the potential for some black ice on roadways, and stay safe!

The Latest: Cold start to April, milder May?

For anyone in the Northeast, it is quite obvious that there is a colder than average March this year.  From the still melting snow to the newly fallen snow, winter’s wrath has obviously not ended yet.

The Latest: Temperature forecast for early spring

Currently, all over the Northeast, temperatures are well below average.

Way to state the obvious, but when will warm temperatures arrive?

As the information becomes more and more available, Weather 360 can more confidently state that later April and early May will be closer to the average and therefore mild side in way of temperatures.  Still don’t put away the winter gear, winters wrath is not over yet.

The Latest:  If you shouldn’t put the winter gear away yet, what does that mean for early April?

Early April is still expected to be cooler in way of temperatures, allowing for the possibility of some more snow to fall in the Northeast. We will keep you updated as more information comes out.

Stay safe!

SPRINGTIME! Wait a second, more snow?… WINTERTIME!

Is winter coming back?

Springtime for now, but what about in a week or two.

The current computer models (again, especially the GFS) are suggesting that another large large dip in the Jet Stream is imminent, bringing with it, cold, winter temperatures, along with the possibility of some snow.  As said many times before, DO NOT PUT AWAY THE WINTER GEAR!  Or else you may be sorry if it snows again in your area.

Stay safe!

Special: Plane crash in the Alps

Only about a day after the crash of a German Wings airplane, search and rescue teams along with media are already flooding the scene.  Why is Weather 360 covering this event? Simple, rain and snow could halt operations at the scene of the crash over the next couple of days.  150 people where on board the plane going from Barcelona to Dusseldorf.  Please refer to other online sources to find more on the crash.

Did weather cause the crash?

At the moment this is not a backed theory, but will either be proved or disproved (probably disproved) shortly.

Flooding concerns in the Northeast

As temperatures warm and rain moves in, not many places in the Northeast will be under slight drought conditions for long.

As the title of this post suggests, melting snow along with several different rain events with warmer temperatures over the next couple of days will cause localize flooding creating hazardous driving conditions.  Be careful and do not drive through even what appears to be only slightly flooded areas.

Over the next couple of days there will be warm temperatures, but we do not advise putting away all the winter gear yet, for there may be another big dip in the Jet Stream soon…

Special: Why is it so cold in the Northeast?

When will winter ever end?!

Soon, at least hopefully, if the latest run of the GFS model proves correct…

What does the latest model run say then?  Well, at the 384 hour mark, the GFS is suggesting that a large swatch of mild air will arrive in the west of the US and Canada and flooding the rest of the US with more mild, spring-like temperatures.  There is also the potential for a snow event for inland portions of New England in the next two weeks.

Well keep you posted and stay safe.

How fast can computer models change?

The post made last night mentioned that forecast computer models can change a lot within a certain time period, this is completely what has happened over the past several hours.  The newest run of the GFS model is now showing in 300 hours, a large storm over the Northeast with below freezing temperatures inland.  So, it may be interesting to see how much this forecast changes over the next several days and week, the storm could disappear or it could intensify.  All it takes is the slightest change in the forecast and positioning of all the components of a weather computer model to change the whole forecast for the next several days to weeks to, for the longer range models, months.

Stay safe!

The Latest: Cold, warm, cold, then warm again, why can’t the weather make up it’s mind?

After the Northeast experienced snow on Friday, colder, more winter like temperatures moved in.  Now, after the colder temperatures have set in, warm temperature are expected to move in soon, just to be overtaken by even more unseasonably cold temperatures shortly afterwards.

The Latest: Why is there so much temperature change expected to occur?

BREAKING EVENT:  The latest runs of the GFS and what the ECMWF is suggesting is that there is the possibility of a snow event, possibly large, to impact the Northeast United States around April 6th.  Remember, this is over 300 hours out, there is a seemingly limitless amount of time for this forecast to change, but it is a good idea to keep winter gear out and ready for use if you live in or near the Northeast US.

Otherwise, it seems as if the Arctic Jet Stream, which brings all the Canadian cold air down into the US and further occasionally during winter, is acting very volatile at the moment, causing all the cold air and warm air fluctuation across the US and beyond.

The Latest: Our YouTube channel

We at Weather 360 are well on our way to creating our first video for our YouTube channel (Weather 360.)  The first video’s date of upload will be announced soon.  Most of the videos will contain extra information about current weather events along with clarification of events already announced on the website.

We’ll keep you posted.  Stay safe!

Below average temperatures expected to stick around into May

The newest data is suggesting that unseasonably cool temperatures could stick around in the Northeast well through April and into May.  Although there will be warm spells, colder temperatures will be dominate for much of early spring.  This summer though, temperatures in the Northeast are expected currently to be at or near average.  The slight drought parts of the Northeast have been experiencing over the past several months (nothing similar to what California has)  is expected either to clear up or stay the same due to the low chance of below average precipitation in the hotter months over the summer.

Still keep your salt ready to use against any possible black ice, but if you live in an area on or near the coast that has experienced any type of tropical entity (such as a hurricane or tropical storm) now is the time to start gathering supplies for an emergency kit in case one comes near you.

Stay safe!