The Latest: Cold start to April, milder May?

For anyone in the Northeast, it is quite obvious that there is a colder than average March this year.  From the still melting snow to the newly fallen snow, winter’s wrath has obviously not ended yet.

The Latest: Temperature forecast for early spring

Currently, all over the Northeast, temperatures are well below average.

Way to state the obvious, but when will warm temperatures arrive?

As the information becomes more and more available, Weather 360 can more confidently state that later April and early May will be closer to the average and therefore mild side in way of temperatures.  Still don’t put away the winter gear, winters wrath is not over yet.

The Latest:  If you shouldn’t put the winter gear away yet, what does that mean for early April?

Early April is still expected to be cooler in way of temperatures, allowing for the possibility of some more snow to fall in the Northeast. We will keep you updated as more information comes out.

Stay safe!

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