Rain and thunder moving in over the weekend could pose a threat to millions


The next few days across the Tri-State Area will be for the most part, calm.  With temperatures in the mid to upper 80’s and little to no clouds in the sky, the next few days will feel like true Summer, unlike the temperatures from several days ago that made everyone feel like it was May again.  Although temperatures will be roughly the same during the start of next week, the potential for rain and thunderstorms will start to appear starting around early or midday Sunday.  Therefore, over the next 24 hours, Weather 360 will initiate its first issue of the 3.A.S. (3-Leveled Alert System.)  In this case, an Increasing Level III Alert will be issued as of tomorrow morning.  This means not only to be alert and aware that potentially threatening weather may move into our area over the next 36 hours or so, but also means that the threat level will likely increase to either Level II, or potentially a Level I, Most Urgent Alert.  If this alert was only a normal Level III Alert, then the threat level would likely not increase and one would only have to remain aware of the incoming weather conditions.


Today in and around New York City, temperatures will be around 70 degrees with some rain, but next week, especially around midweek, a very intense heat wave is expected to arrive.

This heat wave will not only bring heat indexes in NYC to rise above 90, but across the East Coast temperatures will be above normal for this time of year with a very high humidity.  Temperatures in places such as D.C. could reach 90, and the heat indexes could soar into the triple digits.  Although this heat wave will strike next week, it is not expected to last very long, by the end of the week and the weekend, some rain will arrive in the NYC area to cool things off by several degrees.

Remember to stay hydrated!

Storms move out of NYC Area, mild temperatures and clear skies ahead

Today as the storms move out, clear skies and mild temperatures move in. In and around Manhattan, temperatures will max out around 65 degrees, with not much difference even in temperature in further north counties.

Although conditions will be nice today, tomorrow some more showers will be moving through later on in the day.  Some of these showers could develop into a thunderstorm or two.  So don’t put those umbrellas away yet, rain is still coming…

Rain is on the way!

Across the eastern portions of the US, rain and thunderstorms are moving northeastward, moving closer to their last US destination, the Northeast, that including the NYC Metro Area.

What do we think in terms of timing?

Tomorrow the heaviest rain and thunderstorms will likely occur near NYC around noon, but the rain will start a couple of hours earlier, steadily increasing until it beings to taper off around 4 PM (in the NYC Metro Area.)  Although that rain will end before dusk, some thunderstorms on the back side of the system could impact some isolated areas later during the night tomorrow.

Over the next several days, a new system for forecasting that Weather 360 will be using will start to create more accurate and advanced forecasts.

We’ll keep you posted, stay safe!

Weather 360 special update & more!

In order to create much more accurate and detailed forecasts, Weather 360’s coverage area is downsizing to an area where most of those who use our website are, it is also the most populated metropolitan area in the Northeast United States and one of the largest in the country.  The area we will be downsizing to is the New York City Metro Area.  Weather 360 considers all areas that fall within the labeled map to be in the New York City Metro Area:

The Tri State AreaThe NYC Metro Area, this map is from an assessment done by Columbia University recently.  The area consists of 31 counties and more than 20 million people.

These changes will be going into effect immediately, but still, for anyone in areas across the Northeast with Red Flag Warnings, stay safe.

Although Weather 360 will now only cover weather for the NYC Metro Area, we still will be covering all the tropical disturbances every Hurricane Season for the Tropical Atlantic Basin.

Warm temperatures and red flag warnings

Across the Northeast, the National Weather Service (NWS) has had to issue red flag warnings and hazardous weather outlooks due to the very dry (and warmer than average) conditions later on today creating the conditions that spread wild and brush fires due to any type of ignition.  So, although today will be a very warm day, the NWS does not recommend anyone in the areas with red flag warnings or any type of advisory or alert to use matches or any type of ignition source outdoors due to risk of fire spread.  So please refer to weather.gov to see if your area is at risk today.

So, enjoy the above average temperatures today, but be aware that there is an elevated risk for the spread of fire today.

Get ready for warm temperatures tomorrow!

Tomorrow across the Northeast warmer and milder temperatures will flood in and bring some areas’ first taste of summer.

Temperatures from Boston to New York  should hover around 70  to 75 degrees whereas areas further north, high temperatures will be mainly from 55 to 65 degrees.  Areas in southern parts of the Northeast will likely be in the mid to upper 70’s.’

That’s all for now, and stay safe!

Heavy rains and what!??

Early next week a large rain event will spread from the Midwest and Southeast into the Northeast.  But what you may not have known is that the same rain event will bring some of the frozen, fluffy stuff to Maine.  Although not much is currently expected, the snow has the potential to cause some trouble on roadways (including I-95), from Monday evening on into early Wednesday.

Now back to the rainy side of this storm system.  Early on in the week the rain that will move in has the possibility to include some thunderstorms and areas of heavy rain, this threat exists from Maine nearly all the way down the Eastern Seaboard outside of the Northeast.

In this case both the ECMWF computer model and the GFS computer model are agreeing that there will be a large rain (and some snow) event in the Northeast early on this week.

We’ll keep you updated as more information comes out, but enjoy the above average temperatures tomorrow!

Warm temperature invasion tomorrow!

For anyone who has been waiting for temperatures warmer than 70 degrees, tomorrow you’ll be glad.

Tomorrow across southern portions of the Northeast, temperatures could reach as high as 75 degrees.   Some of these areas include the following; New Jersey, All of Pennsylvania except very northwestern portions, The NYC Metro Area, and other parts of southern  New England.

For locations in the northern parts of the Northeast, temperatures will likely be at or above 50 degrees, warmer in areas in central portions of the Northeast though.

Although we would like to keep going on about the warmer, early summer-like temperatures, we would like to bring up that there is the possibility for a large rain event across the Northeast early on next week.  Also, if anyone wants to know, the warm temperatures will go away after that storm…

We’ll keep you updated, and stay safe!

April showers bring May flowers (and flies…)

Of course, wet conditions rid an area of flies, well, at least for a bit before they come right back again.  With some showers expected tomorrow across the Northeast from Maine to New Jersey, bringing with them,  a brief, short period of time without many flies (a relief for some at least.  But, what can be frustrating is when as soon as the rain is done and the sun finally comes back out, the flies return.

Storm timing

Tomorrow the rain will start out in western portions of Pennsylvania and New York very early in the morning, (so around midnight), the rain in those areas should end around noon though, letting the sun and the flies return earlier on in the day.  For locations in the rest of the Northeast, the rain will start just before dawn, but still end before nighttime, allowing for some Mayflies to return before the sun completely sets.

Although the majority of the Northeast will experience mainly rain showers, there is the possibility for some brief periods of heavier rain and even thunder across the Eastern Seaboard.

Please exercise extra caution while outdoors tomorrow due to rain and some isolated thunderstorms.

Remember, at least the warm temperatures will stick around instead of leaving, again…