Tropical Depression Bill to impact the East Coast with rain, wind, and more rain

Although Tropical Depression Bill has only 20 mph winds and has already let go of all its moisture in Oklahoma, it is still expected to maintain a Tropical Depression status while moving over portions of the Mid Atlantic and New England.  For those wondering if New York will suffer from heavy rains from Bill, the truth is, yes, on Sunday, areas from Maryland to Connecticut will be the victims of high humidity, gusty winds, and heavy rains.  Even though the Northeast will be suffering from heavy rains on Sunday,  the total amount of rain will likely all be below 3 inches, which is less than half of what some areas in the Mid West have received over the past few days from Bill.

Overall, the Northeast, and the New York Metro Area will have to deal with a soggy Sunday this weekend.


Today in and around New York City, temperatures will be around 70 degrees with some rain, but next week, especially around midweek, a very intense heat wave is expected to arrive.

This heat wave will not only bring heat indexes in NYC to rise above 90, but across the East Coast temperatures will be above normal for this time of year with a very high humidity.  Temperatures in places such as D.C. could reach 90, and the heat indexes could soar into the triple digits.  Although this heat wave will strike next week, it is not expected to last very long, by the end of the week and the weekend, some rain will arrive in the NYC area to cool things off by several degrees.

Remember to stay hydrated!