Heavy rain and thunderstorms sweeping across the country come closer to the Atlantic

As of 00 UTC, 8 PM EDT:  Thunderstorms moving to the southeast from western portions of Virginia are maintaining enough strength to produce storms capable of damaging winds, hail, frequent lightning, and heavy rain as to classify them as severe. Thunderstorms developing in upper portions of the Midwest have the potential to produce tornadoes and more severe weather as night approaches, these thunderstorms are all moving to the east-southeast.

The Tropics:  Newly formed Tropical Storm Claudette has maximum sustained winds of about 50 MPH and is moving to the Northeast off of the Mid Atlantic coast to the southeast of Nantucket.  The storm is expected to make landfall near Nova Scotia as a Tropical Depression with some winds and rains, along with rip currents.

Tomorrow’s forecast: Thunderstorms developing in the Midwest will have moved far enough east to begin to affect locations in and around NYC and other locations along the  I-95 Corridor.  With a high temperature hovering around the mid 80’s and clouds moving in early on in the day, the heat index is likely to be lower than that of yesterday, meaning that temperatures will not feel as hot as they did earlier today.  Later on tomorrow, more showers will start to move in and the potential for thunderstorms, some occasionally severe, increases.

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Today in and around New York City, temperatures will be around 70 degrees with some rain, but next week, especially around midweek, a very intense heat wave is expected to arrive.

This heat wave will not only bring heat indexes in NYC to rise above 90, but across the East Coast temperatures will be above normal for this time of year with a very high humidity.  Temperatures in places such as D.C. could reach 90, and the heat indexes could soar into the triple digits.  Although this heat wave will strike next week, it is not expected to last very long, by the end of the week and the weekend, some rain will arrive in the NYC area to cool things off by several degrees.

Remember to stay hydrated!

Hurricane Season 2015 UPDATE, and the heat wave update for NYC

Officially at least, the 2015 Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season has started, but, unless a major storm (or at least the first significant disturbance) develops, there is not much to talk about in terms of tropical cyclones.  For the first time in a very long time, the Tropical Atlantic Basin has received its first tropical cyclone before the Eastern Pacific has.

Now for the update on the heat wave in New York City and the Tri-State Area…

With temperatures in the 80’s and humidity percentages close to 99%, the majority of those going outdoors will likely feel fairly hot and sweaty.  The heat index in some areas (how hot it actually feels) is in the 90’s.  For those who are sensitive to the extreme heat, please heed all advisories set out by the National Weather Service (NWS.)

Stay hydrated and be safe!