Weather 360 special update & more!

In order to create much more accurate and detailed forecasts, Weather 360’s coverage area is downsizing to an area where most of those who use our website are, it is also the most populated metropolitan area in the Northeast United States and one of the largest in the country.  The area we will be downsizing to is the New York City Metro Area.  Weather 360 considers all areas that fall within the labeled map to be in the New York City Metro Area:

The Tri State AreaThe NYC Metro Area, this map is from an assessment done by Columbia University recently.  The area consists of 31 counties and more than 20 million people.

These changes will be going into effect immediately, but still, for anyone in areas across the Northeast with Red Flag Warnings, stay safe.

Although Weather 360 will now only cover weather for the NYC Metro Area, we still will be covering all the tropical disturbances every Hurricane Season for the Tropical Atlantic Basin.

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