Storms to line up near NYC… TOMORROW!

Across the NYC Metro Area (TOMORROW) some thunderstorms are expected to line up near NYC, some of these thunderstorms will have the potential to be severe, causing delays and hazards on roadways and possibly some hail damage to vehicles and windows.

Tomorrow across the NYC Metro Area, temperatures will be right around 60 degrees along with the potentially severe and heavy rains.

Please exercise extra caution outdoors tomorrow and if a severe thunderstorms or a tornado watch or warning, take appropriate action, (meaning take cover immediately.)

Before this post wraps up, Weather 360 will be using a new system to derive our forecasts over the next week or so, hopefully and as expected, this new system will give more localized and more accurate forecasts for all of the 31 counties and 20 million people in and around New York City.

Stay safe, and enjoy the clear skies today!

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