NYC Weather: Snow in April?

This is the Third Edition of the NYC Area Week Outlook by Weather360

Monday:  A wintry mix in the morning will transition to all rain by the afternoon.  Total snow accumulations of up to a couple of inches are possible in some (mainly northern and eastern)  portions of the area.  Highs will hover around in the low to mid 40’s.

Tuesday: Highs dropping into the low to mid 30’s will be associated with clearing skies, making it seem much more like January than April.

Wednesday: High temperatures will peak in the mid 40’s as skies become increasingly cloudy, due to an incoming low pressure system.

Thursday:  Rain associated with a low pressure system moving in from the west will bring in much more seasonable temperatures, with a high in the upper 50’s.   This rain could spell the end to winter for many Ski Resorts throughout the Northeast.

Friday: Cooler temperatures along with clearing skies will make for a somewhat more seasonable day.

The Weekend:  Highs in the 40’s along with mainly clear skies will make for a brisk, cool, early spring weekend.

In the event of an emergency weather situation, please consult the NWS at and/or your local Emergency Management Office.

NYC Weather: Winter’s Last Gasp?

This is the Second Edition of the NYC Area Week Outlook by Weather360

Monday:  Snow lingering in the morning will lead to sunnier and drier conditions in the afternoon with highs in the 40’s.  Total snow accumulations of up to several inches are possible in some (mainly eastern)  portions of the area.

Tuesday: Highs nearing 50 will be accompanied by much clearer conditions, making it seem much more like Late-March than Monday did.

Wednesday: Temperatures will finally break 60 degrees n most spots, so say ‘sayonara’ to any remaining snow mounds.

Thursday:  Highs again in the 60’s will make it feel even more like spring, but the threat for showers does increase as the week progresses.

Friday: Highs again in the 60’s will also bring along some light to moderate rain showers.  Only problem though is that its not April yet, so I guess these showers wont bring any May flowers…

The Weekend:  Temperatures in the 50’s along with somewhat clear conditions are likely to remain the most significant weather factor over the weekend.  Although, there is the potential for a Nor’easter to impact the area around Sunday, so it may not be to bad to have some rain gear nearby.

In the event of an emergency weather situation, please consult the NWS at and/or your local Emergency Management Office.

Winter Storm May Bring Snow to The Northeast

The National Weather Service has issued Winter Storm Watches for portions of Eastern New England.  A potentially significant winter weather event is expected to impact the I-95 corridor from New Jersey to Maine starting at the end of the week.   As this is a late-season (or early depending on how you look at it, early-season) snow event, it will likely bring a heavier, wetter snow along with some mixed precipitation.

Starting Sunday afternoon, snow will start accumulating mostly on uncovered dirt surfaces, before quickly moving onto grassy and paved surfaces as the ground cools overtime.   Total accumulations will range from an inch or two, to nearly 10 inches in some spots, with more snow further to the east.

More on this event on our Winter Weather Center page

NYC Weather: Rain, Milder Temperatures, and Snow This Week?

This is the First Edition of the NYC Area Week Outlook by Weather360

Monday: Rain moving across the area will be accompanied by cooler temperatures hovering in and around the 40’s.

Tuesday: Rain will taper off towards the late morning leading to cloudy conditions with highs maybe reaching the 50’s.

Wednesday:  Some showers with temperatures around the 60 degree mark will create a more spring-like feel again.

Thursday:  Some light rain showers will bring slightly cooler temperatures in the mid 50’s.

Friday: Clear skies are expected along with temperatures still in the mid 50’s.

Weekend:  Saturday will be much like Friday, but the potential for a significant Nor’easter exists starting Sunday, lasting into early next week.  This year, Punxsutawney Phil may actually end up being wrong, as cooler temperatures may create some wintry precipitation across the area, but nothing is set in stone quite yet.


In the event of an emergency weather situation, please consult the NWS at and/or your local Emergency Management Office.

Storms to line up near NYC… TOMORROW!

Across the NYC Metro Area (TOMORROW) some thunderstorms are expected to line up near NYC, some of these thunderstorms will have the potential to be severe, causing delays and hazards on roadways and possibly some hail damage to vehicles and windows.

Tomorrow across the NYC Metro Area, temperatures will be right around 60 degrees along with the potentially severe and heavy rains.

Please exercise extra caution outdoors tomorrow and if a severe thunderstorms or a tornado watch or warning, take appropriate action, (meaning take cover immediately.)

Before this post wraps up, Weather 360 will be using a new system to derive our forecasts over the next week or so, hopefully and as expected, this new system will give more localized and more accurate forecasts for all of the 31 counties and 20 million people in and around New York City.

Stay safe, and enjoy the clear skies today!

Okay, you can come out now, spring temperatures are really here!

Spring is here!

For nearly all of New England and the Mid Atlantic, spring temperatures are here!

With temperatures in New York and Boston expected to soar into the upper 60’s and 70’s, spring must really be here to stay, right?

Well, at least for now, there is the possibility for a little cold dip in the next two weeks, but otherwise, spring temperatures will dominate.  Although this week will be somewhat soggy, spring temperatures will be around to make going outside at least in a way bearable…

For today and tomorrow though, spring is here, enjoy it while it lasts!

That’s really all for now with no large severe thunderstorm events expected over the next two days, so stay safe!

This weekend in the Northeast – ACTUAL SPRING CONDITIONS!

Across the Northeast, rain and thunderstorms will begin to move out into Canada and the Atlantic.  With the storms exiting, warmer temperatures and clear skies will be entering.  Across most of New England and nearly the whole Mid Atlantic, temperatures will be right near or even slightly above average.  According to the GFS model along with most of the short range models and the European model, skies will stay mostly clear due to a large high pressure being situated over the area.

That’s all for now, but enjoy the clear skies and drier conditions while they last!

Summer temperatures are on their way!

Summer temperatures are on their way!  But much like the very early spring, it is only a tease…

According to the European and the GFS computer models, in about a week and a half to two weeks there will be a sudden lift in the Arctic Jet Stream (the one that brings down all the cold Canadian air) and warm temperatures will flood even locations in Maine.  In southern parts of New England and the Mid Atlantic temperatures could soar past the 70 degree line.  Again though, just like earlier this season, the cooler temperatures will take back the Northeast and bring more March-like temperatures back.

Until then, be aware o the possibility of some thunderstorms today through Friday, and above all, stay safe!