First Snow Across New York, Connecticut

This morning, locations across Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey woke up to snow showers and freezing rain; the first of the season. Although hovering just above freezing for most of the morning in portions of the Metro Area, snow was still able to reach the ground before melting. In locations further to the north, up to an inch and a half of snow has been reported on the ground, with snow expected to continue in some locations until the early evening hours before fully transitioning to rain.

NYC Weather: Winter’s Last Gasp?

This is the Second Edition of the NYC Area Week Outlook by Weather360

Monday:  Snow lingering in the morning will lead to sunnier and drier conditions in the afternoon with highs in the 40’s.  Total snow accumulations of up to several inches are possible in some (mainly eastern)  portions of the area.

Tuesday: Highs nearing 50 will be accompanied by much clearer conditions, making it seem much more like Late-March than Monday did.

Wednesday: Temperatures will finally break 60 degrees n most spots, so say ‘sayonara’ to any remaining snow mounds.

Thursday:  Highs again in the 60’s will make it feel even more like spring, but the threat for showers does increase as the week progresses.

Friday: Highs again in the 60’s will also bring along some light to moderate rain showers.  Only problem though is that its not April yet, so I guess these showers wont bring any May flowers…

The Weekend:  Temperatures in the 50’s along with somewhat clear conditions are likely to remain the most significant weather factor over the weekend.  Although, there is the potential for a Nor’easter to impact the area around Sunday, so it may not be to bad to have some rain gear nearby.

In the event of an emergency weather situation, please consult the NWS at and/or your local Emergency Management Office.

Winter 2015-2016 Snow Total Forecasts!

The following pertains to the New York City Metropolitan Area from Nov. 1 – April 1 2016

Winter 2015-2016 Snow Total Forecasts:

The following Weather360 forecast was made by a process in the making for nearly a year.

The New York City Metro Area is likely to receive about 20 more inches of snow than normal. This in part is due to the current El Nino bringing more precipitation to the area, along with current computer model trends that suggest average temperatures in this area will also likely be most prevalent.  Other factors such as Global Emissions and average precipitation and temperature amounts have been taken into account.

For more specific locations expected snow total amounts, visit our Climate360 page.