NYC Weather: Winter’s Last Gasp?

This is the Second Edition of the NYC Area Week Outlook by Weather360

Monday:  Snow lingering in the morning will lead to sunnier and drier conditions in the afternoon with highs in the 40’s.  Total snow accumulations of up to several inches are possible in some (mainly eastern)  portions of the area.

Tuesday: Highs nearing 50 will be accompanied by much clearer conditions, making it seem much more like Late-March than Monday did.

Wednesday: Temperatures will finally break 60 degrees n most spots, so say ‘sayonara’ to any remaining snow mounds.

Thursday:  Highs again in the 60’s will make it feel even more like spring, but the threat for showers does increase as the week progresses.

Friday: Highs again in the 60’s will also bring along some light to moderate rain showers.  Only problem though is that its not April yet, so I guess these showers wont bring any May flowers…

The Weekend:  Temperatures in the 50’s along with somewhat clear conditions are likely to remain the most significant weather factor over the weekend.  Although, there is the potential for a Nor’easter to impact the area around Sunday, so it may not be to bad to have some rain gear nearby.

In the event of an emergency weather situation, please consult the NWS at and/or your local Emergency Management Office.

Wintry Mess to Impact the Area Overnight

Locations across the NYC Metro Area are now under Winter Weather Advisories as snow and other wintry precipitation continues to envelop the area.  Tonight, temperatures will continue to rise, and the wintry precipitation now will slowly transition to sleet and freezing rain, before tapering off as some rain showers across the area very early tomorrow morning.  Currently, areas still receiving snow will likely have accumulated 1-3 inches of snow by now, making it somewhat difficult to get around.  Ground temperatures are still below that of the air, meaning that areas receiving snow or other wintry precipitation will likely continue to see more accumulation.  Tomorrow’s commute will be messy in the early morning  until more rain moves in around 9 AM to wash some of the slush and snow on the roads away.

A Winter Weather Advisory is issued when the National Weather Service decides there will be hazardous weather in a certain area that will include some sort of wintry precipitation.

Most Winter Weather Advisories across the area are set to expire tomorrow around 7 AM.

First Snowfall in and around New York City!

The unofficial start winter was today across many locations north and west of NYC.  Although no measurable snowfall was recorded, locations from in and around Poughkeepsie to as far south as Salem, Peekskill, and even some locations in western Connecticut, experienced flurries and light snow showers a good one to two months ahead of time.

Why the snow?

Although temperatures in and around the NYC Metro Area were generally higher than freezing at the time of the snow, the temperature in the atmosphere was a bit cooler than freezing, which allowed fast-falling snow to reach the ground before it melted in-air.

Due to the above freezing temperatures of the ground though, many of these snowflakes melted within 30 seconds of contact with the ground.

(The official start of Meteorological Winter is December 1st, and the start of the season Winter is generally considered December 21st.)

Is today really April 23rd? I didn’t notice because IT WAS SNOWING!

Its true! Snow was observed in parts of Connecticut and New York around noon today.  So the question is, is winter really over?

Well, today was more of an anomaly, where some cold air mixed in with some precipitation to make some snow and sleet.  There were no known accumulations, and temperatures will also be warmer tomorrow and this weekend.

Stay safe!

The first day of second winter?

Tomorrow may be the first day of spring, but it sure won’t feel much like it in the Northeast.  Tomorrow a snow event will impact the majority of the southern portions of the Northeast, bringing with it several inches of snow across a large swath of the Northeast.  The timing of this storm will be perfect for snarling the morning and evening rush hour with bands of moderate to heavy snow.  It may seem to some in the Northeast that instead of tomorrow being the first day of spring, it may be more like the first day of a second winter (although the cold will only last for a little longer.)

Wintry mess makes it’s move on the Northeast

By now if you live in the Northeast you likely are seeing some snow falling out your window.  This same snow event will likely change over to rain tonight and taper off tomorrow midday as a couple of rain showers.  Beware! Although the rain will taper off in the Northeast there is another part of the storm coming in right behind it for the Northeast (mainly New England and New York.) This second part of the storm will bring at first a wintry mix overnight quickly transitioning to all snow during Thursday dumping possibly over six inches of snow in some places and tapering off in and around New York City by the afternoon hours and during the evening for Boston and the Cape.

Weather 360 urges everyone to use extra caution if outdoors and stay safe!