April showers bring May flowers (and flies…)

Of course, wet conditions rid an area of flies, well, at least for a bit before they come right back again.  With some showers expected tomorrow across the Northeast from Maine to New Jersey, bringing with them,  a brief, short period of time without many flies (a relief for some at least.  But, what can be frustrating is when as soon as the rain is done and the sun finally comes back out, the flies return.

Storm timing

Tomorrow the rain will start out in western portions of Pennsylvania and New York very early in the morning, (so around midnight), the rain in those areas should end around noon though, letting the sun and the flies return earlier on in the day.  For locations in the rest of the Northeast, the rain will start just before dawn, but still end before nighttime, allowing for some Mayflies to return before the sun completely sets.

Although the majority of the Northeast will experience mainly rain showers, there is the possibility for some brief periods of heavier rain and even thunder across the Eastern Seaboard.

Please exercise extra caution while outdoors tomorrow due to rain and some isolated thunderstorms.

Remember, at least the warm temperatures will stick around instead of leaving, again…

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