Elevated fire risk alerts today? Here’s why

Fire risk NOAA 4 15 15

Image provided by the NOAA (Fire Weather Outlook for the next day)

Over the course of the last several hours, special weather statements (regarding fire danger) and red flag warnings have been being issued across the Northeast.  But first of all,  what does this mean?

Red flag warnings and special weather statements (regarding fire) normally mean that there is an elevated risk for wild or brush fire spread.

Okay, now that we know what that means, why is there a danger in the Northeast, who’s ever heard of a wildfire in the Northeast?

Well, due to low humidity and windy conditions, dry plants that may catch fire from a loose fire source (such as a match) will easily catch fire and quickly spread.  This makes even small, more easy to extinguish brush fires turn into larger, more violent fires fast.

So, please, even if you are not necessarily in one of the elevated risk areas shown above, exercise extra caution while dealing with a source of fire.

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