Have outdoor plans? It may be best to do them before the end of this upcoming weekend…

No, it is not what you are probably thinking, this time around the big threat will not be cool temperatures, but this time the only threat to outdoor plans is the rain that may come this weekend.

Although the weekend is still a few days away, the likelihood of there being a rain event across the Northeast has been steadily increasing as the GFS computer model and the European computer model (ECMWF) have both been suggesting that there may be a low pressure system that may sweep across the Northeast United States sometime later this weekend or very early next week.

Will there be a severe front to this storm system?

Yes, at the moment it does appear to look as if there may be a severe side to this system.  Right now, the severe side looks mainly to be in southern and western portions of the Northeast (this could very easily change.)

Although there is the possibility of a severe side to this storm, in most of the Northeast, it appears at the moment to likely only to be rain and some thunder.

Be on the lookout for any short term forecasts or hazardous weather outlooks by the NOAA to see if your specific area may be at risk.

Stay safe!

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