More on Hurricane Season 2015

As said in the previous post, according to the first seasonal outlook by Colorado State on this year’s Hurricane Season, there will be a below average Hurricane Season.  Although this source has been very accurate in the past, DO NOT,  DO NOT, take this as the final predictions for the upcoming Hurricane Season.  There are still many other sources to release their forecasts and even more forecasts from the same sources to come out over the next couple of months.

Weather 360 is still thinking that this Hurricane Season will be closer to average due to the fact that the El Nino is not going to be very strong this year, meaning that Atlantic temperatures will be only slightly below average.

So, what we want to say to you in this post overall is that it is not a good idea to  take the first forecast all the way.

If you  live anywhere near or on the coast, now is the time to start being prepared.

Since there is not much in the way of severe weather on the way for the Northeast, all we have to say is to enjoy the warm temperatures! (But still, stay safe!)

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