The Latest: Cold, warm, cold, then warm again, why can’t the weather make up it’s mind?

After the Northeast experienced snow on Friday, colder, more winter like temperatures moved in.  Now, after the colder temperatures have set in, warm temperature are expected to move in soon, just to be overtaken by even more unseasonably cold temperatures shortly afterwards.

The Latest: Why is there so much temperature change expected to occur?

BREAKING EVENT:  The latest runs of the GFS and what the ECMWF is suggesting is that there is the possibility of a snow event, possibly large, to impact the Northeast United States around April 6th.  Remember, this is over 300 hours out, there is a seemingly limitless amount of time for this forecast to change, but it is a good idea to keep winter gear out and ready for use if you live in or near the Northeast US.

Otherwise, it seems as if the Arctic Jet Stream, which brings all the Canadian cold air down into the US and further occasionally during winter, is acting very volatile at the moment, causing all the cold air and warm air fluctuation across the US and beyond.

The Latest: Our YouTube channel

We at Weather 360 are well on our way to creating our first video for our YouTube channel (Weather 360.)  The first video’s date of upload will be announced soon.  Most of the videos will contain extra information about current weather events along with clarification of events already announced on the website.

We’ll keep you posted.  Stay safe!

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