The Latest: Spring snow could cause travel hazards tomorrow, but then…

Tomorrow some spring snow showers are expected to move through northern portions of the Northeast United States.  This could create some slippery roadways across areas affected by the snow and wintry mix.

The Latest:  Next several day temperature forecast

Over the next several days warmer and more mild temperatures will briefly invade the Mid Atlantic and New England, before cooler temperatures take over once more.  This may mean that any crops that were supposed to be planted in early April may have to have their planting dates delayed (anyways, most small gardens in New England still are covered with snow.)  Be prepared for some temperature fluctuations over the next several days, bringing with it the possibility of late night and morning snow or wintry mix.

The Latest:  When will all the snow melt!

As the snow line continues to recede across the Northeast and all of the United States, temperatures continue to rise steadily (well, at least for the most part…)

The question is though, how long until the Northeast for the most part is free of snow?

At the moment, most of the Mid Atlantic is snow free, but just north of New York City, according the National Snow Analyses, the snow depth is very close to zero, steadily rising as you look further north.  Again, back to the question, how long until it all melts?  In southern parts of New England, the snow should be mostly if not totally gone by the end of the week after next (not the snow in piles.)  In the rest of New England, most of the snow will likely be gone completely sometime later in April or in very early May.  Be aware of the potential for some black ice on roadways, and stay safe!

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