Special: Weather 360’s analysis of the rest of spring outlook from the NOAA

The NOAA’s spring outlook discussion may seem a bit complicated, so in this post, Weather 360 will break down the main points of the discussion to tell you what spring 2015 will turn into for the Northeast.

Temperatures in the Northeast

The outlook basically says that slightly above to around average temperatures will be predominant in the Northeast.  The discussion along with other sources from the NOAA imply that the warmer to near average temperatures may enhance the risk, likely not by much, of there being more storms (some severe) in the Northeast later this season.


For the Northeast, the amount of precipitation this spring will be very close if not at average this spring.  Although temperatures will be close to average, flooding will be at an enhanced risk this season in northeastern parts of New England, where the snow pack is still melting.  Be aware this month of some flooding in northern locations in New England.

Stay safe, and enjoy the season while it lasts!

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