The Latest: The warm temperature retreat

The Northeast has seen quite a wild early spring in terms of temperatures so far.  From snow on the first day of spring, to temperatures in the 60’s just yesterday, the temperatures in the Northeast seem to not have made up their mind yet on when exactly they want to transition into the more spring-like temperatures they should be right around now.

On this post of the Latest, Weather 360 would also like to say that we will now, go back to our original statement of how every edition of ‘The Latest’ will explain the differences among the computer models.

The Latest:  Why warm temperatures!  Why leave us now!

Well, it is not like the warm temperatures are gone forever, more as if they are just scared of their own shadow and wont come back out for another few days if you know what we mean.

The computer models, explain that.

For tomorrow, both the GFS and the European model suggest that most of Upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and nearly all of Maine will be trapped in cold, Canadian air.   Whereas they both agree that south of those areas, temperatures will still be cooler than average, but not necessarily so close to the freezing line.  On Wednesday though, the GFS model suggests that the winds will mainly be from the south in the areas affected by colder air tomorrow, which, although the cold temperatures will still be for the most part in the same place, the temperatures will be a bit cooler in locations slightly further to the south, but warming slightly throughout the day.  The European model suggests though for Wednesday that the winds will be from the north and east, which will mean that temperatures have a larger chance for staying the same or declining throughout the day on Wednesday.

Be on the lookout for some icy patches on roadways in locations where the snow may melt during the day and refreeze during the night!

What we didn’t mention though again is the rain over the next several days across the Northeast.  Just keep the fact that there may be some snow mixed in with the rain in northern New England in mind…

Until those icy temperatures arrive in parts of New England, enjoy the remaining heat, and stay safe!

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