Rain + warm temperatures = spring?

Is it true that spring equals warmer temperatures plus rain?

Most people do not enjoy acknowledging the fact that rain comes with the milder, temperatures, maybe because most people do not like being trapped inside by the mud, but that’s is just a suggestion…

Today though, for anyone wondering what the timing of the rain will be and what the temperatures will be, please read ahead.

Today temperatures in southern parts of New England and most of the Mid Atlantic will be around 60 degrees, while in northern portions of New England and New York will likely stay closer to 40 or 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

The timing of the rain

By the afternoon in the Mid Atlantic, some showers will start to move in,  but not intensify until overnight.  For places in New England, especially in eastern parts, the rain will probably not start to mid-evening or night as some showers.  There is still the possibility for some stray thunderstorms later today so please, heed all warnings set out by the National Weather Service.

As about every post, stay safe!

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