The Latest: Precipitation ending in Maine, otherwise, nice and dry in the Northeast until later tomorrow

As mentioned time and time again on the last few of our posts, there is rain coming for the Northeast, and a lot of it, all next week.  For now though, there is only the wrapping up snow and rain in Maine moving into Canada to worry aboot.

The Latest:  Dry conditions for most of the Northeast for at least early on tomorrow…

The rain coming for the Northeast is now expected to arrive just a little earlier,(tomorrow), this means that anyone with outdoor activities planned tomorrow may have to alter them accordingly with the threat of some stray showers coming in.  Be careful, there is the potential for some stray thunderstorms mainly in the Mid Atlantic region as well.

The Latest:  Snow in Maine, didn’t spring already free the Northeast from winter?

Yes and no…

First off, everyone knows Maine is further north than locations such as New Jersey or Long Island, good.  This means that it will always be a little cooler in Maine than NYC on a normal spring day.   Since they are a bit cooler off than other locations in the Northeast, conditions in early April are still favorable for the eight inches or more of snow they have already received.  That is why those in Maine are shoveling away snow, while those in parts of New Jersey can already be shoveling away dirt to make room for a garden.

So if your freezing away in Caribou, Maine, or if your seeding a garden in New Jersey, stay safe and enjoy the milder temperatures, well, at least for southern parts of the Northeast (sorry Maine, not for you yet…),

Stay safe!

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