The Latest: Snow on the ground for April First? Or just another cruel April Fools joke?

Are you kidding me?

Though winter was over?  Once again, you may have thought wrong…

The Latest:  Snow in the Northeast, (sigh…)

APRIL FOOLS!  Just kidding the snow falling is actually real…

If it is not already, rain will transition to snow and start to accumulate in areas north of NYC soon.  In areas already seeing this transition there is up to almost an inch of snow, covering most grassy surfaces with yet another fresh round of snow.  Check out our new ‘School Closure Index’ page to see the general odds of school closings, delayed schedules, and early dismissals across the areas affected by the storm.

The Latest:  We have mentioned again and again that the warm temperatures are coming, so when exactly will they come here to stay?

Soon most hope, but there is again the potential for a few more cold spells in the Northeast before winter’s last breath will be exhausted.  The truth is that warmer temperatures will become more normal and average over the next week, but again, there is the potential for some more, not as cold, but cold, spells dipping into the Northeast.  Be aware of the possibility of some localized areas of black ice tomorrow and the next day due to melting and refreezing.

Stay safe, and stay warm during the snow.

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