Plans for the Fourth? You may have to adjust accordingly…

The Fourth of July has been mainly fallen on a mostly dry and hot day over the past several years in New York, but this year this Independence Day has the chance to be soaked with rain.

Here’s the Weather 360 general forecast for locations in and around the city

July 4, 2015

Morning- Some showers will start to move in on and off with temperatures around the low 70’s.

Midday-  More showers begin to move in, the rain becomes steadier around 1 or 2 in the afternoon, temperatures will move towards its peak around the mid to upper 70’s.

Night- Rain will start to move out of the area towards the later evening hours, leaving some showers, temperatures will hover and then drop from the 70’s to the mid to upper 60’s

So tomorrow doesn’t look great for launching fireworks, but depending on exact timing of showers some areas in and around New York may still be able to celebrate the United States’ 239th anniversary with fireworks.

Enjoy the holiday!

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