Watch out New York! Severe thunderstorms are moving in!

Starting early this evening severe thunderstorms moving in from Pennsylvania and the Midwest into our area.  For locations in and around the city thunderstorms will arrive this evening and potentially cause some severe thunderstorms capable of producing some damaging winds, heavy rain, hail, frequent lightning, and potentially some isolated tornadoes.  For locations in and around the city, the severe side of these storms will likely move out by very early tomorrow morning  and will begin to taper off as some rain.

Already areas from Ohio to the Cape are under Flash Flood Watches, meaning when the rain moves in later today there will be the potential, much like a few days ago, for some flash floods to occur.  If the National Weather Service does think that there is the potential for flash floods imminently over a specific area, they will issue a Flash Flood Warning, in which all weather radios and cellular devices in the specified area will start sounding an alarm to warn the public of the danger (likewise in the event of a tornado). Remember to turn around if you see standing or moving water, the apparent depth of the water may be different from the true depth of the water.

In the event of an alarm sounding in your area whether it be from a cell phone or from a radio, heed ANY AND ALL advice the message offers to ensure safety today and tonight.

Remember also to check the National Weather Service’s website ( or if you believe there may be a severe threat either near or at your location over a short period of time.

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