Last snow storm of the season for the Northeast?

Weather 360 would like to apologize for not posting a post to unveil the new section of Weather 360, that post will be posted later today.

Today is March 19th 2015, normally, Weather 360 wouldn’t have to talk about this, but this winter isn’t very normal. With this in mind, it is not hard to guess what this may mean.  What it does mean is that tomorrow the majority of southern New England and most of the Mid Atlantic will be impacted by a snow event possibly dumping up to six inches in some localized areas.

The timing of the storm

In areas further to the west the precipitation will likely start while morning rush hour is winding up, and will end around midnight Saturday morning.

For locations further to the east the precipitation (mainly snow) will start before the evening rush hour begins and will start to taper off a couple of hours after midnight.

Any accumulations?

As previously mentioned, snow accumulations may be a couple of inches with some locally higher amounts where the heaviest snow falls and where it is cold enough to stay all snow (mainly all locations further north than Trenton and mostly to the east.)  So be prepared for snow accumulation, heed all watches, warnings, and advisories set out by the National Weather Service, and most of all, stay safe!

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