The latest

Welcome back to the latest post of ‘The latest’  by Weather 360.

So, the cool down has come for most of the Northeast again, only this time to bring yet another round of snow to the Mid Atlantic and southern New England.

The latest: Weather 360’s ‘Hurricane Package’

Well, Weather 360, before releasing the ‘Hurricane Package’ needs your feedback on what exactly you would like to see included in it (within reason.)  If all goes as planned, the ‘Hurricane Package’ should be released either in late April or sometime in May.  There is the possibility of an earlier or possibly later release of Weather 360’s ‘Hurricane Package’.

The latest: What do the computer models have to say about the snow event this Friday?

The latest runs of the NAM and NAM-HIRES are still suggesting light to moderate snow to fall across southern New England and the Mid Atlantic on Friday along with several other computer models.  It may be a good idea to keep shovels and salt at hand due to the possibility of several inches of snow to fall in some areas mainly across southeastern New York, southern Connecticut, northern New Jersey, and parts of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

The latest: Watch out for another post to be posted soon!

Weather 360 will post another post tonight to announce a new section of Weather 360.

Stay safe!

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