Guess where? The Northeast… AGAIN

Sorry Northeast, it seems as if your weather is about a month or so late…

Although it may sound a little strange, it is true.  The Northeast of the US has been experiencing what has felt like a one month delayed schedule, where the cold doesn’t arrive until January, and where the relief doesn’t arrive until April.  This may explain why there is a storm system that has it’s eyes set on southern New England is likely to dump several inches of snow in some areas (mainly where the temperatures are cold enough and where there is enough precipitation falling.)

This Friday, around noon near NYC, mainly to the north, the snow will begin to fall and rapidly intensify to a moderate snow. While in areas further south and closer to the coast will experience a wintry mix with the same intensity.  So, not much has changed since the last post made, but Weather 360 will continue to keep you updated as the storm draws nearer.

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