Snow is on it’s way! To the Northeast…

It can be interesting when the slightest change in temperatures and track of a storm system can completely alter the forecast for a given area.  That is what parts of New England are experiencing today.  The NAM computer model along with others are now showing two smaller and weaker storm systems combining in the Ohio Valley to bring a mixed precipitation there, but as it heads northeast, it will meet some cold air which could bring up to several inches of snow (not ice, rain, or sleet, such as most late-winter systems) to parts of southern New England.  In and around NYC to the north, the snow should start around noon and end just after midnight, but in NYC itself, the snow will mix in with rain and sleet to possibly create icy and hazardous conditions on the road ways.  For those in winter weary Boston, there isn’t as high of a chance of the storm impacting that area, so it seems to be as if Boston is mainly in the clear of experiencing another major winter storm for a while.  Weather 360 will provide more updates on the track and intensity of this storm as it approaches the Northeast.

Stay safe!

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