Update: Preliminary forecasts for Hurricane Season 2015

Two and a half months until Hurricane Season 2015 begins, that leaves about two and a half months for ‘preliminary’ predictions to come out.  So far, at least, the odds of a normal to slightly above normal Hurricane Season are higher than the odds for a low activity Hurricane Season (although the odds are even higher for a closer to normal season due to a forming El Nino.)    Although the forecasts are becoming clearer and clearer as time wears on, there is still the chance for any type of Hurricane Season this year.  Weather 360 will keep you updated as more information comes out.

Now is a good time if you live on or near coastal regions that have historically experienced tropical cyclones to start preparing an emergency kit, please refer to the NHC’s preparedness guide to know how to be prepared for any tropical cyclones that may come  your way this Hurricane Season.

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