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Welcome back to the latest post of ‘The latest’  by Weather 360.

So, it seems that winter just does not want to end, with more rain and snow expected to arrive in New England by the end of the week and temperature well below freezing in the North-Central part of the US it does not seem like it is already mid-March in places all over the US, including, of course, the Northeast…

The latest: When will the Northeast see spring relief?

Well, it seems as if the Northeast’s winter has been relentless in way of temperatures and snow events.  Sadly though, for anyone waiting for spring, winter may have some more surprises in store.  As mentioned previously, there is the chance for a rain and snow event to impact the Northeast by the end of this week, specifically, Southern-Southeastern New England on Friday.

Wintry event timeline

Starting on Friday morning it will start to snow in areas mainly inland and further north, while there is a wintry mix closer to the coast. Then, after temperatures warm a little during the day there is the chance for some rain and sleet to mix in with snow further inland and north while again, on the coast more of a wintry mix occurs.

The latest: What do the computer models have to say about this?

Starting out will be the NAM computer model.  The NAM computer model as provided by the NOAA shows most of the precipitation as rain in the Mid-Atlantic and a wintry mix or snow in Southern New England, Northern New England will not necessarily receive much in the way of precipitation.  Accumulations should be mostly low, with the possibility of some localized and isolated areas of significantly more or less snow.

Weather 360 will update you more on this and all major wintry events until winter is done and gone, then it will be Hurricane Season.  The weather can’t give anyone a break can it?

Stay safe and check for any updates!

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