Major snowstorm buries Maine, rapid snow melt continues around NYC.

The major late winter snowstorm is starting to wind down in Maine that buried the region in over half a foot of snow.  This is allowing warmer temperatures to move into the area and the rest of New England.  With warmer temperatures (slightly above freezing), rain during the day can refreeze or freeze while falling creating patches of black ice and wintry mix.  For anyone outside in these conditions please exercise extra caution to stay safe.

Wet weather incoming for parts if the Northeast US

Tonight into tomorrow much of the Northeast will be receiving precipitation.  Most places south of Massachusetts will likely receive rain while north of there will receive a wintry mix or some snow.  So snow melt will continue south of Massachusetts and slow down to the north.  Watch out for possible flooding tomorrow in and around the NYC Metro Area.

Possible localized icing is possible in and around the lower Hudson Valley.

Stay safe!

Rain tonight into tomorrow causing rapid melting in the Northeast.

As the several feet of snow burying New England starts to thaw away flooding is becoming a larger threat along with morning black ice in areas with higher temperatures during the day with cooler temperatures below freezing at night.  Along with the melting currently occurring, tonight in most places in southern New England it will rain.  This will soak the already wet snow with even more water before melting the following day, meaning that there will be even more water to be released when the snow melts causing localized flooding.  Turn around, don’t drown.

Stay Safe!

Why the warm up?

In the next several days all across the US temperatures will warm, this is due to the jet stream that has brought down all that Arctic air into the US shifting to the north.  So sorry Canada, same cold temperatures that have been around for a while now will last a bit longer.  With this warm up comes two main dangers, black ice, and flooding.  First of all black ice is just a thin sheet of ice that covers surfaces so it looks like the color of the surface (it seems invisible), so be careful while outside if temperatures in your area are expected to dip below freezing overnight.  For the second main danger, flooding, as warmer temperatures start to thaw out the Northeast the several feet of snow in some spots will start to melt, this can cause localized flooding.  If you are confronted with a flooded area you can never be certain of the depth of the water so please, turn around, don’t drown.

Stay safe!

Possible morning black ice in the next week for the Northeast

As feet of snow blanketing the Northeast start to melt as temperatures rise in the coming days morning black ice will be a threat.  With low temperatures below freezing and high temperatures soaring into the mid to upper 40s which will cause another melt before temperatures plummet into the 20s and 10s.  If outside or on roads that are not treated please exercise extra caution due to the possibility of black ice.