Why the warm up?

In the next several days all across the US temperatures will warm, this is due to the jet stream that has brought down all that Arctic air into the US shifting to the north.  So sorry Canada, same cold temperatures that have been around for a while now will last a bit longer.  With this warm up comes two main dangers, black ice, and flooding.  First of all black ice is just a thin sheet of ice that covers surfaces so it looks like the color of the surface (it seems invisible), so be careful while outside if temperatures in your area are expected to dip below freezing overnight.  For the second main danger, flooding, as warmer temperatures start to thaw out the Northeast the several feet of snow in some spots will start to melt, this can cause localized flooding.  If you are confronted with a flooded area you can never be certain of the depth of the water so please, turn around, don’t drown.

Stay safe!

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