‘Hurricane Package’ for Hurricane Season 2015 nearing completion

The speedy development over the past couple of days of a ‘Hurricane Package’ for the Atlantic Hurricane Season has brought up new ideas also for the ‘Atlantic Hurricane Season’ page on Weather 360.  During the Atlantic Hurricane Season Weather 360 will have day to day updates on the site when there is a tropical disturbance with a graphic of a short range prediction for the path of the disturbance (if it has one at all.)   Wondering what the ‘Hurricane Package’ will include?  Here are some of the feature the package will likely include: (Updated from last post)

A longer range graphic of possible path a tropical disturbances may go on (3-5 days in the future instead of 1-3 days that will be included on the regular website.)  On this prediction cone made by Weather 360 will be the likely intensity of the storm in the next 3-5 days with a system that will show if the storm has a low-medium-high chance of development into a tropical cyclone. To see more about this package scroll down a few posts or if you have already seen that stay tuned for more information as the ‘Hurricane Package’s’ release should be around May 1st 2015.

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