Severe thunderstorms could produce life-threatening conditions, SOON

In the NYC Metro Area especially, in a couple of hours the potential for severe, and potentially life threatening conditions will come into play.  If you have not already noticed or have not yet been outdoors, the temperatures  have begun to cool and wind speeds have also begun to pick up ahead of the storm.

What will these severe storms include?

First of all, a severe storm normally needs to have the following to be classified as a severe storm; hail, gusty winds, lightning, and heavy rain (for more, go to our Terms to Know page), which happens to be the exact components of the storms expected to line up and sweep through nearly all 31 counties in the NYC Metro Area.

Wait a second, most of those components aren’t deadly, right?

Well not exactly, because thinking about the effects of hail, gusty winds, lightning, and heavy rain, you may come to realize that hail can damage windows, vehicles, and cause serious injury, gusty winds can knock down trees and power lines, lightning can electrocute items and people, and last, but now least, heavy rains can create flash flooding. So know that you know some of the effects of the components that create a severe thunderstorm, you will hopefully know how to properly protect yourself and you property from one.

Be on the lookout for any severe thunderstorm watches or warnings, and stay safe!

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