Thunderstorms are coming!

Over the next several hours thunderstorms will begin to develop in the New York City metro area.  Some of these storms could produce large hail and damaging winds,  so please if you are caught in a severe storm take cover immediately to avoid any injury.  Today there’s also the potential for flash flooding across all low lying areas and in areas near rivers or streams.  Later today there’s also the potential for gusty winds to cause some downed trees and power outages.  Be aware that at almost any time the National Weather Service may issue an advisory, a watch, or a warning.

Hurricane Season 2015

Although most of the major sources for forecasting the next hurricane season have been predicting a quiet, below average hurricane season, Weather 360 would like to remind everyone that it only takes one hurricane landfall to make a big difference across a wide area that could be anywhere on the Atlantic Basin coast from Maine to Texas.

Stay safe!

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