Weather 360 news and days of storms ahead for the Mid Atlantic

First off today we will talk about the rain now, and of course, the potential for a several day long period of storms next week.  Scroll to the bottom to also view some website news.

Back to the rain now

The rain falling across the Northeast today is apart of a large and widespread storm system moving across the United States right now.  There is the potential for some of the severe storms to impact locations further south, especially in the Mid Atlantic.  The severe storms could include some small hail, gusty winds, frequent lightning, and the slighter side of the potential for some isolated tornadoes or micro bursts (sudden areas of a large downdraft of wind, this causing a similar amount, but more isolated, damage of a weak tornado.) Be careful and heed all warnings.

The rain next week

Again, mainly closer to and in the Mid Atlantic will be the potential for rain and severe storms.  The timing of the rain event will go as so:

First, there will be mainly rain showers starting later on during Monday,  but from there the storms will start to become more severe and large.  Likely by Tuesday though, the storms in the Mid Atlantic will become severe, spreading further north, but not with the same magnitude. The storms should begin to wrap up by Friday, bringing with that, warmer temperatures and sunny conditions.  If you really want to see what spring has to offer, you likely are very eager for next weekend to arrive.

Heed all warnings, and stay safe!

Weather 360 news

Go to to view our YouTube channel, currently we only have our promotional video, but we are working on developing new videos to report on Northeast weather along with Atlantic Basin tropical (and, if considered a storm by the NHC, sub-tropical) cyclones.  The videos will include some of the same, but definitely also different information than what is shown out our website along with Weather 360 announcements.

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