The Latest: Rain, mild temperatures, more Weather 360 news, and the list goes on

As most of you probably know, it is raining in the Northeast.

Again, way to state the obvious, but what that doesn’t mention is there is the potential for some severe storms and weather to roll across the Mid Atlantic and New England.  Be aware for some isolated storms that may bring lightning, heavy downpours, and small hail.  Refer to the NWS or NOAA for emergency information.

The Latest:  SPRING IS HERE! THE NORTHEAST IS WINTER FREE!  Well, at least for the most part…

For areas in southern parts of New England and most of the Mid Atlantic it may seem as if winter is well on it’s way out of the area,  but there is still the potential for at least two more small Jet Stream dips, bringing back a small taste of winter to remind everyone that April can be a volatile month in terms of temperatures.  Be on the lookout for some freezing of water on roadways in a few days in northern portions of the Northeast.

Stay safe!

The Latest:  Typhoon in the Western Pacific

The typhoon in the Western Pacific has it’s eyes on the Philippines and then southeastern parts of China.  The typhoon has already reportedly killed one person and is now expected to hit the Philippines as the equivalent of a moderate to strong category two cyclone (winds around 105-110 mph.)  The typhoon could dump up to ten inches of rain in the Philippines and China, this creating the possibility of some landslides in more hilly and mountainous areas.

The Latest:  Schedule changes?  We need your feedback on this!

What do you think? Should there be a schedule change for Weather 360?  Send us your opinion on this via a poll we will release tomorrow.  When you answer the poll, please answer honestly.

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