Now instead of everyone dreading more snow, people are dreading the fact that there is a lot, and we mean a lot more rain coming

Over the next couple of days conditions across the Northeast will be relatively dry (except for today), but over the course of next week, the Northeast will become soggy again with rain.

Let’s talk about today

First off, not everywhere in the Northeast is dreading the rain yet, most of Maine today and tonight will receive several inches of snow from the same precipitation that will pop up across the Northeast today.  So, if you are in Maine (and parts of Vermont, New York,  and New Hampshire), you probably already know not to put away the winter gear before April is at least half way over.  The pop up storms we were talking about will move through the Northeast (especially eastern parts of New England and the Mid Atlantic) bringing with them some light to moderate bands of rain.  Nothing that should cause serious flooding, but still use caution while outdoors due to the possibility of some severe storms.

What about the rain next week?

Well, it seems as if that the rain next week will last a bit longer (around three and a half days in most parts)  and will be a bit heavier (more severe thunderstorms) as well.  These storms could bring some small hail, gusty winds, and lightning to locations mostly south of the New York City Metro Area.  Be on the lookout next week for some of these storms, and heed all warnings and watches put out by the National  Weather Service (NWS.)

Stay safe!

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