Soggy Northeast today, tomorrow, and just when it is all dry, more rain next week

By the end of today, most of the dry places in the Northeast will be soggy and damp with rain.  If it has not already rained or started raining near you in the Northeast, be ready for some spring time showers coming your way.

The severe side

Today there is the potential for some severe thunderstorms to impact some locations in the Northeast, especially towards the southern end of the region.  These thunderstorms, although not likely capable now, are the same if not the ones near other thunderstorms in the Mid West that created some tornadoes.  To our knowledge, it is not likely for a location in the Northeast to sustain a tornado (visit our ‘Terms to Know’ page for the NWS definition), even a fairly weak one. Remember though, there is always the potential a tornado, so heed all NWS service watches and warnings (most of them though will just tell you to take shelter, which is always a good idea, especially in a severe storm of any kind.)

If you see a flooded roadway, do not drive through it, the depth of the water could be much greater than what your eyes decide.  TURN AROUND, DON’T DROWN! (It seems you will hear that a lot on TV when they talk about rain.)

On that note, stay safe!

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