The Latest: Warmer temperatures, rain, thunderstorms, spring is here to stay

Spring has liberated the following areas from winter:  Most of the Northeast, and the rest of the mid latitude parts of the US as a whole…


Sorry Vermont and Quebec, the maple season was a short one, with temperatures so warm for so long, with then a two month blast of below freezing temperatures, then a sudden warm up to wrap up and purge winter from the area.

The Latest:  Tomorrow’s rain

Although today may have been considered the first real spring day for the Northeast this season, spring does have its drawbacks…

One of these drawbacks, of course, includes the constant threat of showers and some severe thunderstorms, which is exactly what the Northeast will experience tomorrow along with the milder temperatures.

The Latest:  Hurricane season is still ongoing in the Pacific

There is a currently equivalent of a category 3-4 hurricane swirling away near the Philippines, which is its target.  Fortunately for them, the storm will weaken to around a category 2 status, with winds around 110 MPH.  This storm will cause severe flooding in some areas there, and they should be ready for a storms surge possibly over 10 feet in most coastal regions.

Sorry for the delay in this post, there were some maintenance issues, stay safe!

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