The Latest: Milder temperatures coming, bringing with it some April showers

Winter is well on it’s way to ending, but will still attempt to come back over the next several weeks, likely only to loose to the warm air once again.  Watch out for some slick roads tomorrow.

The Latest:  Warm temperatures

Starting tomorrow across the Northeast warm temperatures actually above average will start to settle in, helping to diminish any snow remaining in southern portions of New England.  Most of the temperatures to be seen tomorrow will be around ten degrees above average, so about 60 degrees in most places.

The Latest: Rain, rain, and of course, more rain

Starting tomorrow evening, rain showers will start to move in and be in the Northeast to stay at least until Friday night.  The system will bring with it generally two inches, with locally higher amounts across the Northeast.  Be aware of the possibility of some isolated severe thunderstorms in this system.

Stay safe!

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