Was yesterday the last day this season for daytime snow for most of the Northeast?

Big blizzard 2015 that was not... The so called “Blizzard of 2015” that was really not for most areas (except for Boston because you know, since no one else wanted the snow the blizzard decided to just dump it all on them…)

So was yesterday the last daytime snow in the Northeast this wintry-springy hybrid season…?

Maybe for the major cities such as New York and Boston, but for extreme northern parts of New England there is the potential for some more daytime snow not just overnight flurries…

Before the end of April there will likely be several more clippers and larger storm events that could bring mainly rain for the Northeast, but some more, fresh snow in northern areas of Maine, New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire. (This all over the next several days and couple of weeks.)

Be aware of the potential of melting and refreezing creating patchy areas of black ice across New England and the northern parts of the Mid Atlantic.

Stay safe!

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