Tropical Storm Guillermo forms and is expected to cross paths with Hawaii


The National Hurricane Center has recently  upgraded former Invest 91-E to Tropical Storm status.  This newly formed Tropical Storm is expected to become a hurricane over the next day or two in the Eastern Pacific.  At the moment, nearly all the major spaghetti computer models are pointing at impact with Hawaii somewhere in between eary morning August 4 Hawaii Time, to somewhere around midday August 6 Hawaii Time.

The intensity computer models are not so sure though on the exact strength of this storm at the time of contact with Hawaii.  A few computer models suggest a potential Category 3 storm with winds surpassing 115 MPH.  And a few suggest a strong Tropical Storm with winds of about 60 MPH.  With all the current information we have, Weather 360 can start to assume that at the time of impact (which is still not 100%), Guillermo may be somewhere around the mid to high  Category 1 area, wth winds of around 80 MPH.  At the moment the NHC has forecasted winds the day before potential impact to be around 65 MPH.

Remember though, at any time all forecasts could shift tremendously, so nothing is ever 100% sure in the world of weather forecasting, especially when it comes to the longer range ones.

We will continue to keep everyone updated on the newly formed Tropical Storm Guillermo.

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