Special: The Latest

Due to maintenance issues, Weather 360 will post ‘The Latest’ twice today (with different information.)

The Latest:  Polls

As you may have noticed, there was a previous post with a poll embedded within it that asked if you would pay for our new ‘Hurricane Package’.  The polls show 25% so far for each answer, so please vote soon because new results will not be taken after today.

The Latest: What do the computer models have to say about spring for the Northeast?

It is no longer still looking good for warm temperatures in the Northeast.  After this round of cold air, the GFS and ECMWF models (the top two in the world) are suggesting that there will only be a brief round of warmer air before more very cold temperatures move back in, bringing with it the potential for a wintry mix or even snow in the Northeast well into early April.  Maybe it isn’t time to put away the shovels and salt yet…

All Weather 360 can really say is be glad that it isn’t precipitating near you (at least for most of the Northeast.)

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