Harvey to Make Landfall in Texas as Major Hurricane

Tropical Storm Harvey is now expected to be the first major hurricane to make landfall in The United States in over 12 years. Up to 24+ inches of rain is possible across the Texas Gulf Coast due to the slow-moving nature of the storm. Sustained winds of 115 mph with gusts potentially approaching 140 mph are now expected across wide swaths of the Texas Gulf Coast.

cone graphic
The NHC 10 am CDT update depicting the potential path and intensity of Harvey over the next several days.


The 12 UTC NAM 3km computer model currently depicts a massive, dangerous storm making landfall in Texas tomorrow afternoon.

For more information, consult The National Hurricane Center at http://www.nhc.noaa.gov as well as The National Weather Service at http://www.weather.gov.

Ignacio expected not to impact Hawaii

Weather Bulletin: 7:30 AM EDT/ 1:30 AM HST 8/31/2015

Tropical Storm Watches have been discontinued for the Hawaiian Islands.

Hurricane Warnings are now in effect for maritime locations around the islands.

High surf advisories are in effect for land locations on storm facing parts of some islands.

Map of Forecast Area

Please visit Weather.gov for more information regarding watches and warnings currently in effect.